Room 101 Ltd Namakubi edition

Room 101 Ltd. Namakubi Edition is a joint collaboration between Camacho and Matt Booth. Namakubi meaning freshly severed head in Japanese is an ode to an ancient Samurai tradition. The manufacturers wanted to deliver the “head” or rather the best tobacco available to the customer and hence the name. The Room 101 Ltd. Namakubi Edition features a beautiful Habano Ecuadoran wrapper that environs a blend of Honduran and Dominican fillers and a Honduran binder. The result is a unique medium full-bodied smoke with complex flavours of leather, cedar, earth, pepper and spicy sweetness. The Room 101 Ltd Namakubi Edition comes in 5 sizes, i.e. Monstro 5 x 60, Papi Chulo 4 x 42, Roxxo 4 x 42, Sucio 7 x 48 and Tiburon 6 x 44. To try these unique cigars just place an order now at Cuenca Cigars and get them at the best online prices.