1502 Ruby


Learn about the 1502 Ruby Premium Cigars

1502 Ruby; high-quality cigars; composed of Nicaraguan Fillers Jalapa and Estelí valleys, cigar blend in a rare sweet Nicaraguan Binder. Then wrapped Dark Ecuadorian Maduro.

They are medium to full-bodied premium cigar, rated a very solid 91 rating by many cigar experts with some strength combined with specially selected aged tobacco leaves, flavored with cedar, earth, and some nuttiness from Brazil, Macadamia, and sunflower seed.

1502 Ruby Cigar Blend Details

The 1502 Ruby; high-quality cigars; are composed of Fillers from Nicaragua’s Jalapa and Estelí valleys, the cigar blend in with a rare sweet Nicaraguan Binder and are finally wrapped with an ashy Dark Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper.

1502 Ruby Line up!

These high-quality cigars are packaged in a wooden Vintage cigar box these Maduros are available in 25, 20, and 9 Cigars Count. The 1502 RUBY are premium cigars. With a very elegant presentation. The very unique variety of cigar sizes includes:

  • Toro 6 X 50
  • Torpedo 6 1/2 X 52
  • Perfecto 6 1/8 X 52
  • Conquistador 6 X 56
  • Lancero 7 X 40
  • Corona 5 1/2 X 42

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This incredible cigar brand is available online at and also at your favorite Brick and Mortar cigars store Cuenca Cigars. The 1502 Rubies are considered rare cigars. Even when the production of them is all year round the limited production of batches made them very hard to find cigars.

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A FAQ Page 1502 ruby cigar

It is because the wrapper is dark red. 1502 is said to be one of the most complex cigars in the market. Ruby has a unique flavor profile that is not easily categorized. It has hints of spice and sweetness but has the power and strength of a more full-bodied cigar. It is made in the Dominican Republic and is wrapped each cigar in a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro leaf.
Yes, 1502 Ruby is a strong cigar. On a scale of 1 to 10, the cigar rates an 8.5 and are definitely among the strongest cigars. The 1502 Ruby is not only strong, but it is also unique. The cigar is made from cuban-seed tobacco from Nicaragua and has a Dominican wrapper. It features a full, complex flavor and a spicy finish.
1502 ruby cigar is currently made by global premium cigars (GPC). Enrique Sanchez Icaza founded GPC company.
The 1502 ruby is a premium and elegant variety of vitolas that include the Toro 6 X 50, Torpedo 6 1/2 X 52, Perfecto 6 1/8 X 52, Conquistador 6 X 56, Lancero 7 X 40, and Corona 5 1/2 X 42 cigars. These cigars come in beautiful wooden boxes that will leave you remember how sophisticated you've become. And each box is pressed for an extra aroma boost to demand your attention (because when something is this attractive, you want everyone to take note!).
1502 ruby cigar gives you the mixture of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco's flavor. When you smoke it gives you pepper, dark chocolate hints and taste of like dark cherry so there's like a little fruit in there, it's not overly fruity but hints have dug a darker fruit, a little bit of seed, a little bit of leather and a sweet spice.