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"Que Pasa" is Cuenca Cigars News Blog. A place to find Rare Cigars Reviews, New Cigars Releases, and Cigars Contest among others. The Largest Collection of cigars Ratings. Our most Popular Cigars Samplers or simply our trendy cigars events. Everything you need to know about cigars is here! You can find our latest additions to our online store here. We keep about 100 addition at the time. It is just to make it easy for you to find them! 

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If you are you looking for premium cigars or Limited Cigars Releases? At Cuenca Cigars: "Que Pasa", we make sure to cigar talk! Cigar Pairing and suggestions of new cigars releases you should be looking to try. The fun part is that we usually allow Single Cigars to be purchased so you can make up your mind before committing to a cigar box. There is plenty of reason you should be following our Cigars News:

  • New Cigars Releases
  • Popular Cigars
  • The most Popular Cigars Brands are being featured here.
  • Tips about what to Smoke right now.
  • Best Cigar accessories are being released.
  • And So Many more

In addition to the amazing Cigar Topics we offer, we also put together our 20+ years of experience in the hands of our cigar novices. Since we are not a Cigar Blog, we are more hands-on with what is being released and we offer the Top Cigars in Singles.

Read our cigar blog. Make sure to comment or like the posts so others can hear your thought. Make comments about any cigars you already smoked and be sure to tell a friend about Cuenca Cigars Online!

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