Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

Are you up for a treat? Look no further than the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro! A luxurious blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, this exquisite cigar has been aged for six years and is surrounded by a lush and wild Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper that sits proudly beneath an additional fourteen months of maturation in sublime bourbon barrels. What does that mean for you? Savoring notes of dark chocolate, espresso, hickory and black pepper just to name a few - it’s an incredible adventure exploring the many tantalizing profiles offered with every puff. Whether selecting your favorite format from the big ring gauge cigars, or simply enjoying the one they made specifically for your palate, rest assured its traditional craftsmanship comes at a reasonable price point. An absolute masterpiece waiting to be enjoyed! Join us now and experience the sheer decadence of Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro today!