1502 XO


1502 XO is a mild to medium bodied cigar, referred by many as the perfect one this creation is the truly handcrafted masterpiece balanced between unique flavors and amazing strength, formed with ultra-rare 18 years aged Tobacco leaves. the 1502 XO is an all Nicaraguan cigar composed with the best of the best Nicaraguan Fillers, blend in with a spicy rare Nicaraguan Binder, and finally wrapped with a hand selected Nicaraguan wrapper. The 1502 XO has only one perfect size a Toro 6 X 50, box pressed in an all-Natural wooden box in a set of 10, there were only 1,502 boxes made making this cigar very limited and premium. This unique line is available online at and also at your favorite cigars store Cuenca Cigars.


A FAQ Page for 1502 xo cigar

1502 has crafted a new blend that may just be the best premium cigar we've ever had the pleasure of smoking. This combination of hand-picked 18 years tobacco leaves from Plasencia Cigars S.A and the refined flavor is something no other premium cigar manufacturer has come close to reproducing. Light up this one to experience sweet notes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla while getting an underlying taste of pepper.
The 1502 XO draw is quite open, smooth, and well-balanced. You will observe the burn path is straight and medium strength black and white ash.
The 1502 XO cigar comes from Nicaragua and has 18-year-old tobacco in it. That's the only information we can provide as the manufacturer (Sanchez) of 1502 XO cigar hasn't disclosed any details on the blend profile more than as we mentioned.
1502 XO cigar gives you a variety of flavors towards all thirds. Flavor feel is mentioned below based on expert reviews: First third: The first third gives you mixed chocolate, pepper, and natural tobacco flavors. Second third: Tobacco and chocolate flavors are dominant in this third. Also, you will experience the notes of coffee and pepper flavor kick right after. Final third: You will observe an additional vanilla cream flavor in this last third.
When you smell 1502 XO (cold draw) prior to lightening, you will observe a combination of delicious cocoa notes, spice, and the tiniest hint of fruit.