Plasencia Reserva Original

Enjoy the Iconic Taste of Plasencia Reserva Original Cigars

Experience the one-of-a-kind flavor of Plasencia Reserva Original cigars. This medium-bodied cigar is 100% certified organic and made with pure Nicaraguan tobacco. 

Explore a Wide Range of Flavors With This Premium Cigar

The Plasencia Reserva Original first debuted as the Reserva Organica many years ago. The cigar is described as one that Columbus would've enjoyed smoking when he found Nicaragua. It's the first and only completely organic cigar blend in the world. 

The cigar features a sweet, mild flavor, full of rich tastes. You'll pick up on notes of caramel, fruits, and nuts. These flavors get balanced with subtle hints of cedar and marzipan. 

Pure and Natural Tobacco Flavor

This handmade cigar gets filled with leaves that are carefully cured and aged. The result is a well-balanced and rich-tasting cigar. 

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