AJF New World By AJ Fernandez

Explore the AJF New World by AJ Fernandez Cigars

While New World cigars by AJ Fernandez were named to honor Columbus’s discovery of tobacco, we believe these premium cigars are about so much more. 

A Celebration of the Best Nicaraguan Cigars

What do you get when a master cigar maker and his son combine decades of experience and the best filler tobacco from three regions in Nicaragua? You get the AJ Fernandez New World cigars. 

These handmade cigars have challenged the luxury cigar market with their exceptional quality, complex flavors, refined finish, and affordable pricing. This line of AJ Fernadez cigars starts with spice, earth, and espresso notes, finished off with a touch of sweetness. 

At Cuenca Cigars, we carry an excellent selection of vitolas to choose from, including:

  • AJF New World By AJ Fernandez Toro Redondo
  • AJ New World Toro Governador
  • AJ New World Robusto Navegante
  • And More

If you are looking for a global luxury cigar at an unbeatable price, try our New World Cigars by AJ Fernandez today. 

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