AJF Last Call Natural


AJ Fernandez Last Call - Great Cigar

AJ Fernandez is a popular cigar maker in the Cigar World who has recently introduced a new cigar brand called AJ Fernandez Last Call. The blend of this cigar has a Cubanesque spirit and is made in small batches as a boutique-style cigar. The final product has gained popularity among cigar aficionados and has become one of their favorite daily smokes.

Brick and mortar exclusive - Your Favorite Cigar

You must go to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase the AJ Fernandez Last Call cigar. The cigar is made with a Nicaraguan binder and filler and a veinless Ecuadorian Habano with Rosado tons wrapper by AJ Fernandez. It has a smooth, medium to full-bodied flavor that pairs well with strong coffee or Bourbon.

Last Call Cigars - The meaning behind this great smoke

Touring a cigar factory, specifically A.J. Fernandez's top-notch facility in Esteli, Nicaragua, is a must-try experience. If given the opportunity to go, don't hesitate, even if it means missing your mother-in-law's 60th birthday celebration.

What is the meaning behind the Last Call cigar tradition? During the end portion of a baseball game, A.J. Fernandez frequently shares this particular cigar with his friends. This tradition continues with visitors who tour his facilities and stay at his Casa Blanca residence.

The demand for the secret cigar kept growing over the years, eventually leading AJ to make it available for cigar aficionados to enjoy as a nightcap. This Nicaraguan puro is handmade in Esteli, and while it is short, it is strong. It has roasted nut flavors and a hint of spice, with a creamy and woodsy note.

Last Call Satisfying smoke - A Good Cigar you don't want to pass

AJ Fernandez's Last Call received an impressive rating of 93 points due to its growing popularity in cigars. The cigar itself is described as short and stout with an uncut foot. The review noted that the smoke had flavors of toasted nuts, earthiness, and chewiness with a savory and leathery finish. Last Call is definitely a keeper.

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