Stogies of Strength: The Top 5 Strongest Cigars

Stogies of Strength: The Top 5 Strongest Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Aug 10, 2018

While casual cigarette smoking is replaced by vaping, there's very little that can match the experience of cigar smoking. That's why the cigar business is booming. In light of the expansion fo the cigar market, lots of producers are competing for the title of making the strongest cigar.

Here are 5 cigars that you have to try when you're looking for something satisfyingly strong.

1. Arturo Fuente Anejo

#1 Arturo Fuente Anejo

These cigars from Arturo Fuente are beloved by smokers around the world. After being hit by a devastating hurricane 20 years ago, they started using Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers instead of their Fuente Fuente Opus X leaves.

Despite the change in flavor, they ended up making a rare cigar with a unique flavor from leaves aged in cognac barrels. They use only high-quality Dominican ingredients for a spicy, strong, and sweet cigar.

If you want a memorable cigar experience with a powerful cigar, these are a great place to start. With proper storage, these cigars will hold a rich flavor for a long time. 

Every year, on November, Cuenca Cigars receive a huge shipment of the Fuente Anejos. The cigars are stored to prevail for a whole year of supplies. It is admirable how these cigar aged over the time. There is no cigar that age better than the Arturo Fuente Anejos. A year after we receive them, the flavor profile has melted into a storm of sweet flavors and aroma! The best ever smoke you can have!

2. Oliva Master Blend

#2 Oliva Master Blend

These cigars have not received the place they deserve. They are one of the most flavorful and strongest cigars in the market. The Master Blend flavor is also unique and even though their strenght they will easily melt in your mouth. This is one of Cuenca's all times favorite cigars, a tease we enjoy less often that we should!

These are an exclusive cigar from the Oliva Cigar Company. Believe it or not, they're actually from a family reserve, meant to be exclusively for people in the Oliva family.

Since they always have enough of their own rare tobacco left over, they end up packaging limited edition boxes every year. Blend 3 is made from Habano seed Nicaraguan ligero tobacco. They're covered in a broadleaf which helps to lend it an intense flavor.

These full-bodied cigars are a pleasure to smokers of every stripe and will leave you craving them long after they're done burning.

3. My Father Le Bijou

#3 My Father Le Bijou

My Father is a cigar company dedicated to the father of the owner. Don Pepin Garcia's progenitors have dedicated this particular flavor to their father, born in 1922.

These Nicaraguan tobaccos are wrapped in a Habano Oscuro wrapper. This dark wrapper gives a slight sweetness and a richly powerful flavor to the tongue of the smoker at the other end. These puro cigars are some of the most satisfying and rare available today.

2015 was a very special year for My Father Cigars when the Torpedo Le Bijou made it to the Top 25 Cigars Aficionado No 1 cigar of the year. I was actually impressed. This is a very interesting smoke but is not really a cigar for everyone. The cigar got also a 97 Points in rating which a really high considering the streng. I love it! It needs to be smoked slowly but paying attention to the smoke. If this cigar goes off, the flavor profile will totally change when relight to the extreme strength. If you puff to high it will also change. So I believe it takes an experienced cigar smoker to enjoy this to the max! But when you know what you are doing

4. La Bomba

#4 601 La Bomba

These Nicaraguan cigars are made for impact. Their various sizes are named Atom, Napalm, Nuclear, and Atomic. Every box of 10 cigars promised a unique and savory flavor.

They come wrapped in dark Habano wrappers containing extra ligero which gives you an extra strength smoke.

This is one of those cigars that you can use in Contests. We did one to see who can smoke one La Bomba, in 45 Minutes and we were ready to call 911 in case one of the competitors faint! No one did but they were pale when done smoking this cigar. It is actually a great smoke. But when smoking one, please, have a full stomach and make sure to smoke slowly. In other case, it can be a real BOMB! This is an absolute winner of Erik Espinosa 601 line. 

5. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

#5 La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

One of the strongest cigars on the market, much like the Oliva blend, this is a privately grown tobacco that contains some of the finest flavors imaginable.

Wrapped in an aged Sumatra wrapper, they come in natural or Maduro version, with the aged Maduros giving the richest of flavors. You can get them in a wide variety of sizes to suit your smoking style.

Just for men or Real Men smoke cigars slogan I believe was created thinking of these cigars. La Flor Dominicana capture here an special nich of people that look for the kink of a cigar that is powerful and it is only for real cigar aficionados that have a passion for strength. Also recommended with a full stomach and a pleasant glass of your favorite spirit. 

The Title of the Strongest Cigar Changes Constantly

When searching for the strongest cigar, the title goes to a new tobacco producer every year. With growing seasons shifting and changing all around the world, the cigar producer at the bottom of the list this year could top it next year. Think of cigars as a wine vineyard. If the year was bad with excessive rain or lack of it, that year the cigars will taste probably different and the wine won't have a good year. The big difference is that Tobacco Leaves can be fermented an aged for longer period of times. Only companies that buy their tobacco in huge quantities can usually preserve the strength of the cigars and the consistency. But this is matter of another post!

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