Stogies of Strength: The Top 5 Strongest Cigars

Stogies of Strength: The Top 5 Strongest Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 11, 2022

While casual cigarette smoking is replaced by vaping, very little can match the cigar smoking experience. That's why the cigar business is booming. In light of the cigar market's expansion, many producers are competing for the title of making the strongest cigar.

Enjoy a powerful, rich, robust cigar without overwhelming harshness or bitterness. A Strong Cigar does not have to be any of that. Our vast menu of cigars features spectacular flavors and stunning aromas while still being incredibly smooth to smoke! Give your chest some hair with our unbeatable prices you won't find anywhere else. Before we enter into the subject, a few terms are worth explaining.

Top 5 Strongest Cigars - Sampler


What is a stogie?

Stogies are cigars that are thin and long. They can be made from low-cost tobacco that is machine-made or high-quality tobacco that is hand-rolled. They have a mild savor and strength compared to larger cigars, making them perfect for people who want a gentle smoke without committing to a full-sized cigar. Stogies are usually between four and eight inches long and have a diameter of five-eighths to one inch. To add more complexity, they are sometimes available with flavored wrappers, like vanilla or chocolate. This article will only refer to cigars as Premium Cigars and not use the term stogie.

What're Maduro Wrappers?

The word Maduro in Spanish means mature or Ripe. Regarding cigars, Maduro wrappers are made from mature leaves and have undergone a natural fermentation process, resulting in a dark brown color. These cigar wrappers also offer deeper and more complex flavors due to their age. This is specifically talking about Maduro as the primary type of tobacco wrapper leaf.

When are cigars considered Maduro Cigars?

The Maduro cigars have a dark, sun-kissed wrapper and are aged for at least 6 months. This aging process improves the taste and aroma, making it richer, and also adds sweetness to the taste. The cigar leaf in Maduro cigars has higher sugar levels, which makes for sweeter smoke. Maduro means "ripe," indicating that the tobacco has reached its highest taste potential. Tobacco used to make a mix may include Maduro binders and fillers, which is distinct from solely using Maduro wrappers.

Is a Maduro cigar strongest than the rest?

To be clear, a cigar's strength is not solely determined by its darkness Maduro Wrapper. Instead, the amount of Ligero in the filler and binder tobaccos determines a cigar's strength. Additionally, the combustion of the cigar is influenced by Seco Tobacco.

How a Maduro Wrapper is made?

"Maduro tobacco wrappers are created using fully matured leaves that have undergone a natural fermentation process, resulting in a beautiful, dark brown leaf. Because of their aging process, Maduro wrappers have richer and more complex flavors. The tobacco is placed on Pilons, where it releases natural chemicals, including ammonia, in order to enhance the savor. This process can only be used on sturdy tobacco leaves. Sometimes, barrels that were previously used for aging Whisky or Cognac are used. The cigars produced from this process are considered some of the best in the world.

Discover the intriguing world of cigar tasting and notes in "Your Guide to Cigar Flavors." Delve deep into this captivating concept as we explore the nuances and complexities, unraveling the secrets behind the rich variety of flavors. This enlightening article promises to expand your knowledge and appreciation of cigars.

Arturo Fuente Anejo

1. ARTURO FUENTE ANEJO - Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper

These cigars from Arturo Fuente are beloved by cigar smokers all around the world. After being hit by a devastating hurricane 20 years ago, they started using Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers instead of natural wrappers for their Fuente Fuente Opus X leaves. Arturo Fuente Anejo provides an all-encompassing flavor profile, with distinct notes of cognac, dark chocolate, leather and a soft hint of sweet spice complemented by woody undertones.

Despite the change in flavor, they ended up making a rare cigar with a unique flavor from leaves aged in cognac barrels. They use only high-quality Dominican ingredients for a spicy, strong, and sweet cigar. If you want a memorable cigar experience with a powerful cigar, these are a great place to start. With proper storage, these Maduro wrapped cigars will hold a rich flavor for a long time.

Every year, in November, Cuenca Cigars receive a huge shipment of the Fuente Anejos Maduro Cigars. The cigars are stored to prevail for a whole year of supplies. It is admirable how these cigars aged over time. There is no cigar that age better than the Arturo Fuente Anejos. A year after we receive them, the flavor profile has melted into a storm of sweet flavors and aroma! The best ever smoke you can have!

2. OLIVA MASTER BLEND - 91 rating by Cigar Aficionado

#2 Oliva Master Blend

The unmatched flavor and strength of these cigars have yet to receive the appreciation they deserve. The Master Blend is one-of-a-kind; its robustness will melt in your mouth! Every cigar enthusiast should try them, which is why Cuenca Cigars make a great indulgence that we cherish all too infrequently. Believe it or not, these cigars from the exclusive Oliva Cigar Company come directly from a family reserve that is only intended for use by members of the Oliva cigar brand family.

Each year, the cigar makers' of Blend 3 craft a limited edition box due to their surplus of rare tobacco. Habano seed Nicaraguan ligero is combined with broadleaf wrappers, providing an intense flavor profile for this special combination of tobaccos. This signature combination has made these cigars one of the most sought-after cigars on the market today! These full-bodied cigars are an absolute delight for all cigar connoisseurs and you'll be yearning to smoke them again even after they've gone out.

3. MY FATHER LE BIJOU - Best of Nicaragua

#3 My Father Le Bijou

My Father Cigar Company proudly pays homage to the progenitor of its owner, Don Pepin Garcia. He was born in 1922 and this exquisite flavor is dedicated to him. Nicaraguan tobaccos are cloaked with a Habano Oscuro wrapper (not a maduro cigar) that adds both a subtle sweetness and bold intensity of flavor - creating one of the rarest cigars on the market today. With each puff comes immense pleasure as you savor these puros like never before!

2015 was a momentous year for My Father Cigars when the Torpedo Le Bijou made it to Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 of that year. I must admit, this cigar is something special--though not suitable for everyone due to its strength! It earned an impressive 97 points in rating, and I am undeniably fond of it!

When enjoying this cigar, it is essential to savor the smoke and puff deliberately - hurry through it too quickly and you'll miss out on its full flavor. With an experienced hand at the helm, however, all of the nuances will be revealed through each draw; if extinguished or smoked swiftly, even a relight won't salvage its original profile. Knowing how to make use of this knowledge can take your smoking experience with this particular cigar from good to spectacular!4. La Bomba

4. 601 La Bomba - Cigar Smokers Favorite Stongest Cigar!

#4 601 La Bomba

These Nicaraguan Tobacco cigars are made for impact. Their various sizes are named Atom, Napalm, Nuclear, and Atomic. Every box of 10 cigars promised a unique and savory flavor. They come wrapped in dark Habano wrappers (not a Maduro Cigar)containing extra ligero, giving you an extra smoke strength. This is really a strong cigar.

Nicaraguan cigars have been crafted to make a lasting impression. From a range of sizes, including Atom, Napalm, Nuclear, and Atomic; each box of ten cigars guarantees you an experience unlike any other. These dark Habano wrappers contain extra ligero that will give every smoker a robust puffing sensation. Unwind with these flavorful Nicaraguan smokes for an unforgettable smoking experience!

La Bomba by Erik Espinosa's 601 Line is an absolute must-try. We had a contest on who could smoke one in 45 minutes, and trust us when we say it was no small feat! While the contestants braved through this challenge, they were all pale after completing the test - though still enjoying every puff of its great taste. If you'd like to experience La Bomba for yourself, be sure to have a full stomach beforehand and go slow with your draws, or else things may get really explosive!

5. LA FLOR DOMINICANA DOUBLE LIGERO - Maduro Cigar Wrappers also in Natural Wrappers

#5 La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero stands at the summit of robust cigars. With a privately grown tobacco blend that is second to none and carefully selected Double Ligero leaves, this cigar provides an intense smoking experience with exquisite flavors you won't find elsewhere on the market.

Enveloped in a thick, well-aged Sumatra wrapper, these cigars come in either Natural or Maduro Dark Chocolate varieties with the latter providing an incredibly rich flavor. An assortment of sizes is available to ensure you can enjoy your favorite smoking style. The Double ligero leaf filler blend accentuates strength, resulting in powerful cigars that will exceed all expectations.

La Flor Dominicana cigars are the embodiment of living up to the slogan "Just for Men" or "Real Men Smoke Cigars". Their powerful, bold flavor is perfect for those who consider themselves cigar aficionados and appreciate its strength, this strong cigar will impress. Enjoy these with a full stomach and your favorite glass of spirit - only real men do!


The distinction of the mightiest cigar is regularly being contested, with a new contender emerging as the front-runner!

Each year, a different tobacco producer vies for the title of crafting the strongest cigar. This challenge to supremacy is fierce in this industry, and some popular varieties are made with Brazilian wrapper, Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper, and Connecticut broadleaf binder that produce quite a punch. These cigars are not to be smoked on an empty stomach. Some can be surprisingly smooth. Usually full of spicy notes.

As climate conditions vary across the globe and growing seasons change, what was at the bottom of this list last year could be on top next year. Just as one would consider wine vineyards when selecting their choice bottle of vino, think about cigars in much the same way!

Poor weather conditions can have a devastating impact on the flavor of wine and cigars. The tobacco plant can be found thriving in open fields, exposed to the elements of nature. While tobacco leaves are able to be aged for longer periods, only those that are purchased in bulk quantities may retain their strength and consistency. Fortunately, this is something companies taking full advantage of! Nevertheless, it merits its own discussion.

If you're smoking a cigar to top off a great meal, check out our guide for pairing food and cigars.


Not necessarily! While dark-hued cigars can be as mild as much lighter ones, the power of the darker color cigar actually depends on how much Ligero Tobacco is inside. The retro haling method can help measure this; however, if you are just starting out in your journey with cigars - it might not be something to consider yet due to the lack of practice and experience required.


Not necessarily. Maduro Cigars signifies the matured fermentation process that all tobacco goes through, which implies ripeness and a sweet flavor. The strength of any cigar ultimately comes down to its natural wrapper, binder, and filler combination – it isn't solely determined by the type of leaf used on the exterior.


With so many cigars available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the strongest. Fortunately, Fuente Anejo, La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, My Father “The Judge” Oliva Serie V, and Cain F are some of the most powerful smokes. Be ready for an intense smoking experience with any of these top-notch options. Some of them can be Maduro Cigars.


Cigar strength is not to be mistaken with the body, which pertains to the fullness of flavor and texture. It also does not refer to Maduro cigars. Rather, it relates to how nicotine content affects the taste buds a smoker's experience when they enjoy a cigar.