5 Things Any Cigar Smoker Should Know

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5 Things Any Cigar Smoker Should Know

5 Things Any Cigar Smoker Should Know

Cigar smoking comes with it's own etiquette and culture. This is what a new cigar smoker needs to know as the enter the world of cigars.

Cigar smoking is a tradition that comes with a certain amount of etiquette and culture. Though most men will smoke cigars at some point in their life, few truly immerse themselves in the culture.

Whether you're just starting to smoke cigars or only smoke them casually it's never too late to understand the cigar world even better. Here are 5 things any true cigar smoker should know.

1. 200 Pairs of Hands

It is a common saying that 200 pairs of hands touch a cigar before you light it up, and some say that number is even higher. Regardless of the final count, it is important to know that a significant amount of work went into the cigars you smoke.

Knowing this fact and appreciating the human element of cigar manufacturing is important if you want to be able to truly appreciate the cigars you smoke.

2. Aging Is Important

Aging tobacco is important both before and after the cigar is made. Aging cigars will dissipate the acidity of the cigar and will allow its true personality to come through.

Be careful, though, as aging the cigar too long can be very bad for it. Over-aging can result in the loss of flavor and body. Also, aging a cigar that is already bad and sour will not improve it, it will only worsen the cigar's state.

3. How to Cut and Light

Using care when cutting a cigar is important, as cutting too much will cause the cigar to unravel. The best tip is to cut right at or a bit before the "shoulder line" which is where the taper of the cigar begins.

Lighting should be done very delicately, much like a marshmallow. Too much direct contact will cause your cigar to taste like pure char. Light carefully and with a normal lighter, as torch lighters can be very intense and often burn the cigar too much.

4. Puff Cool and Slow

Cigars are very different from cigarettes. You should not have to constantly puff your cigar when you are smoking, as cigar smoking is about enjoying the flavor and savoring it.

Puffing every 30 seconds to one minute will keep your cigar lit without causing it to become bitter or having negative impacts on you.

When ashing your cigar, leave the ash on as long as possible. The ash acts as a temperature regulator minimizing contact between the tobacco and the air.

5. Price and Quality

Every cigar smoker has his favorite type of cigar, regardless of price and quality. What is good to note, though, is that price is not always a perfect indicator that a cigar is "better" for you.

Standards of pricing usually come from the quality of tobacco, the manpower used to create the cigar, and the yield of the tobacco crop. Cigar design can also contribute to a more expensive cigar, and designs such as torpedos are more difficult to make and thus cost more.

Remember to experiment with various different types and prices of cigars, as they all come with their benefits.

Are You Ready to Become a Serious Cigar Smoker?

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