4 Helpful Storage Tips for Your Arturo Fuente Cigars

4 Helpful Storage Tips for Your Arturo Fuente Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Aug 27, 2022

4 Helpful Storage Tips for Your Arturo Fuente Cigars

Did you know that just one Arturo Fuente Opus X cigar can sell for 300 dollars? In fact, a full box once sold for 30,000 dollars. Besides the high quality of the Fuente Fuente Opus X Cigars, there is a human factor involved in this price: The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. Most Rare Cigars produced by the Arturo Fuente Cigars company and master blender and Toy Maker: Carlo Carlito Fuente Jr., have never been sold in boxes but in Limited Edition Rare Humidors that Cigar Aficionados love collecting. The proceeds of these Auctions go entirely back to the CFCF. An organization that provides education from preschool to technical education to hundreds of students in the Cibao in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

One of the dreams of late Carlos Fuente, Sr. and one that Carlos Carlitos Fuente, Jr., takes pride in. As he usually says, "It is not about cigars, It is about the people." And it is also about improving the quality of life of those who need it the most: our children.

If you are at all interested in cigars, you already know the name, Arturo Fuente. This is because Arturo Fuente Cigars is one of the most well-known brands in the cigar industry. You might think you know a lot about the process that occurs from seed (when the seed is planted in the soil) to cigars (when 21 years or older consumers, savory a premium handmade smoke).

But when it comes to Arturo Fuente cigars, this process is just so refined that it will be hard to compare or emulate. They use rare and aged tobacco on all their blends, including inexpensive smokes such as Arturo Fuente Double Chateau, just to name one. You can only imagine the passion, and the work they put into the process of creating rare and actionable smokes. It takes a lot of passion to make this industry go!

Some of these cigars are extremely rare, and finding them can feel almost impossible. As a result of the rarity, these cigars are incredibly valuable.

For that reason, you need to think hard about the best ways to store your Arturo Fuente cigars. Keep reading to learn about four of the best ways to store your cigars to ensure that your cigars retain their value and integrity.

What Happens to Cigars if Not Stored Correctly?

It is incredibly important to understand what happens to cigars if they are not stored correctly. If cigars are not stored correctly, many of the best and most flavorful features of the cigar will fade quickly.

Many people store cigars for too long, and the result is that all of the oils and flavors within the cigar begin to degrade. The result of this is a very bitter-tasting cigar, which you might be familiar with if you smoke cigars regularly.

4 Tips for Storing Your Arturo Fuente Cigars Correctly

Many people believe that keeping cigars in the refrigerator or freezer is one of the most important ways of maintaining the integrity of a cigar. However, many people are unaware that this is actually one of the worst things that you can do for your cigars. By putting your smokes in a freezer or refrigerator you are getting off the natural humidity of the cigar. Unless you are going to smoke them immediately this will be our No 1 way non to store a cigar! NO!

Instead of storing cigars in the refrigerator or freezer, it is much better for your cigars to be stored in a cool, dry place. If the area is too cold, it is possible that moisture can condense on the cigar, and the result is that it can damage the integrity of the cigar.

1. Buy a Humidor

First and foremost, you should buy a humidor for your cigars. A humidor helps prevent mold from growing on your cigars. In addition, there are some cigars you can't smoke until they have been placed in a humidor for about a week.

This is because some factories ship cigars with a little moisture to keep them fresh. Putting them in your humidor helps the cigars stabilize so they can get smoked. Different cigars also need to be at different temperatures when stored. But this is not the case with Arturo Fuente Cigars.

A humidor allows you to ensure yours are getting stored at the right temperature. Typically, you should always store your cigars in the range of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because high humidity can result in mold, which can be devastating for rare cigars.

Finally, make sure that you have a high-quality humidifier. A high-quality humidifier will keep the humidor at a steady level, which will keep the cigars at a steady level. If the cigars are not stored at a steady level, then they will degrade very quickly.

BOVEDA Humidification two ways humidity system is one of the cheapest and optimal ways to keep the humidity in your cigars.

2. Keep Them in the Original Plastic

Many people believe that the best way to store cigars is in a wood box. However, the best way to store cigars is in their original plastic packaging. This is because the plastic packaging is airtight.

Cellophane, as per Cigar Aficionado: "A clear, protective material that is put around many premium cigars. Cellophane was created in 1912. True cellophane is a natural substance made of cellulose, the main component in the cell wall of a plant." So don't be scared to store the cigars within. They naturally absorb the moist while protecting the cigars.

As a result, the cigars will not be exposed to excess air. The main issue with cigars is that they often become too dry. This means that the cigars will begin to crack. If the cigars begin to crack, then you can't smoke them.

This is a waste of your money. When you keep your cigars in the original plastic packaging, the cigars can stay fresh for a much longer period of time. This is particularly important for rare cigars that you do not want to be exposed to the elements.

While keeping them in their original plastic is helpful, they still only last for around 30 days stored this way. Your best bet is still using a humidor.

3. Buying Cigar Humidifiers

If you do not have a humidor, then you should buy cigar humidifiers. A cigar humidifier is an object that you place inside a cigar box. It helps keep the cigars in the proper humidity.

If you do not have a cigar humidifier, then you should get one immediately. It is one of the most essential things you can get to help you make sure that your cigars are stored correctly.

Cigars can crack if they are stored in direct sunlight or if they are stored improperly. Cigar humidifiers help you avoid these issues. If you don't use a cigar humidifier, then your cigars will degrade very quickly.

It is imperative to invest in a cigar humidifier if you are going to keep your cigars at home. Cigar humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and easy to buy. You can find them at your local cigar store or on the Internet.

4. Use Tupperware or a Ziploc Bag.

Even though I don't think this is a way to store Arturo Fuente Cigars, I will still give you some tips on this one. My point is, makes no sense to expend money on hard-to-find and rare cigars and not on a proper humidification system that will make the life span of your cigars longer. Still, here are some tips!

If you don't use a cigar humidifier, then you should use Tupperware or a Ziploc bag. You should store your cigars in Tupperware or a Ziploc bag that is hermetically sealed.

Tupperware and Ziploc bags are great because they are airtight. As a result, they will not let the cigars dry out. If you have a Ziploc bag, then you should use the largest one possible.

However, if you have a plastic container, then you should use that. As a general rule of thumb, you should not buy Tupperware or a Ziploc bag just to store cigars. However, you should have these bags or containers around your house for other things.

If the cigars are in the original plastic packaging, then you do not need to use Tupperware or a Ziploc bag.

Using Tupperware or a Ziploc bag is one of the cheapest ways to keep your cigars from degrading; however, it should be used as a last resort. It is something that you should do if you do not have a humidor or if you know you are going to be taking your cigars on a trip.

Prevent Cigar Damage and Protect Your Cigar Value

Knowing the proper method of cigar storage for any cigar is important. However, if you're buying 300-dollar Arturo Fuente Cigars, it's even more important that you protect your investment.

Do you need supplies to help you store your cigars correctly? Start shopping with us today.