Arturo Fuente Humidor Bag | Boveda Humidor Bags (3 sizes available)

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Premium Cigar Humidor Bags | Boveda Humidor Bags

Few things work as flawlessly as the Humidor Bag. Guaranteed to work preserving your sticks at precisely 69% RH for at least 6 months. Perfect for your golf bag. Perfect for your glove compartment or your boat. A great way to send sticks to your friends or family or for traveling. Grab a large bag and age an entire box of cigars for that special occasion. 

What is the Humidor Bag?

The Humidor Bag is a high-barrier laminated bag with a resealable zipper and Boveda inside. Imagine having a portable humidor that takes all the worry and guesswork out of properly maintaining your fine cigars. Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control has made this a reality. No matter where you store your Humidor Bag, the Boveda inside is responding to external conditions and will add or remove moisture as necessary to maintain 69% RH. Golf bag, glove box, boat, house or pocket, there will never be any mystery whether your cigars are ready when you are.

Why is the Humidor Bag different from knock-offs?

The Humidor Bag includes Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control — the same technology used in boxes of Arturo Fuente and other premium cigar brands. All ‘competing’ products on the market are one-way humidifiers. By nature, they can only emit moisture, whether it’s needed or not, until the pillow, sponge or paper towel dries out. This causes spikes and fluctuations in humidity that severely effect the flavor of cigars. Only Boveda is guaranteed to regulate humidity without cycles or fluctuation to provide the perfect 69% RH your cigars crave.

  • Small: 4.5″ x 9″, holds 4-5 cigars
  • Medium: 11″ x 8″, holds 15 cigars
  • Large: 16″ x 12″, holds 30 cigars