Brushed Aluminum Boveda Holder for a humidor - 1 Pack


A must-have accessory for tobacco aficionados, the brushed aluminum Boveda Holder will make sure your cigars stay fresh and flavorful! This sleek holder is easy to install and blends right in with your humidor, adding an eye-catching element to any collection. The holders attaches securely and easily with a stick-on mounting kit and does not shift no matter how many times you open and close your humidor. This space-saving design gives you easier access to your cigars, no more working around those pesky packs. The holder fits one size 60 Boveda – that’s enough for every 50 cigars a humidor can hold – so it's perfect for wood, acrylic or hard side travel humidors as well. And best of all? Its sophisticated brushed aluminum design makes the Boveda Holder both attractive and durable. Get yours today and keep your prized smokes at optimal freshness!