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Arturo Fuente Anejo Cigars are a considered a miraculous blend. In 1998 when Hurricane Georges devastated the famous Chateau de la Fuente farm in Dominican Republic, and consequently depleted the resources of the wrapper leaves of the acclaimed Fuente Fuente Opus X, Carlitos Fuente Jr, instead of halting production ordered the use of a different wrapper. The anejo is a Connecticut Broadleaf aged in Cognac Barrels. Once again the Fuente Family forged a triumph from tragedy and the Arturo Fuente Anejos were born to become one of the worlds most rare cigars. Blended with only the very best Dominican fillers and binder exclusively from Chateau de la Fuente farm, this blend is rich, spicy, slightly sweet and unique. Packaged in only the best spanish cedar boxes with a variety of counts and super rare sizes. Shop when you can Arturo Fuente Anejos at the best online prices here at Cuenca Cigars, your only and dedicated cigar provider! Cigars Online Free Shipping Continental USA in orders of $99 or more. Cigar Aficionado!

Anejo Cigars are a once a year release. When they are NOT available we sujest to try these ones. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to savor the exquisite flavor of Arturo Fuente Chateau King T Cigars! Our team has put immense effort in finding the perfect cigar for you, so reserve your spot now and luxuriate in a night of unparalleled pleasure. Join us as we create an unforgettable experience – it's time to indulge!


A FAQ Page For arturo fuente anejo cigars

Absolutely. Arturo Fuente is one of the most sought-after brands offering authentic Dominican cigars produced in the Dominican Republic. Arturo Fuente cigars are rated among the best cigars in the world, year by year. The flavor and construction of Arturo Fuente Dominican cigars have made them a favorite of millions of cigar aficionados worldwide.

Arturo Fuente Añejo cigar offers a complex flavor and refined smoke that can be fully appraised by experienced cigar aficionados. Moreover, this Dominican cigar is characterized by full strength, which means it might not work well as your first cigar, or as a cigar for beginners. We would recommend consider other cigars as a cigar for beginners, such as Arturo Fuente Hemingway that offer a perfectly balanced smoking experience of medium strength. See another best cigars for beginners.

Arturo Fuente Añejo are unique limited edition Dominican cigars that are made using US Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrappers aged for one year in oak Cognac barrels. These refined wrappers, combined with fine tobacco create a cigar that is unlike any other one in the world.

Arturo Fuente Añejo cigars are among the rarest cigars in the world. This cigar is sought by thousands of cigar aficionados as it is released only once a year in November. These Dominican cigars are sold out as quick as lightning, so make sure you grab a couple of Añejos once you see them in stock.

These Dominican cigars come in various shapes, but there is one shape that makes this cigar world-famous. This is the shape No. 77, or Shark as it is commonly known among both beginners and connoisseurs. Shark cigar has a torpedo shape that progresses from a rounded parejo shape to a square press, which makes it an especially rare Dominican cigar. It is a shape that is very hard to make hence the limited production. The same shape that makes the smoke pleasant and unforgettable. Thats what makes the Arturo Fuente Anejo Shark one of the most famous cigars.