AJF San Lotano Requiem Maduro


san lotano requiem maduroThe Harmonious Flavor of the AJF San Lotano Requiem Maduro Cigars

With their quintessential dark Maduro Wrapper, these AJ Fernandez cigars are sure to impress. Order your AJ Fernandez San Lotano Requiem Maduro cigars today. 

A Luxurious Smoking Experience for the Global Cigar Market

Like All AJ Fernandez cigars, the San Lotano Requiem Maduro features only the best long-fillers grown on family farms. This particular premium cigar is filled with a combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco. What gives the Requiem its signature flavor is the pleasantly oily, dark Maduro wrapper. This combination lends a full-chocolate flavor, making it a popular choice among regular smokers. 

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Are you ready for a medium smoke that’s full of flavor? Order yours today to find out what makes these the best Nicaraguan cigars around. 

To have a complete blend, you must have a Maduro Wrapper. AJ Fernandez features the Requiem Maduro with an oily, tasty full combination. One that is aromatic in smell and fullest to the palate! There is a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduras long-fillers to deliver a luxurious smoking experience! The AJF San Lotano Requiem Maduro is a medium to full chocolate kind of experience that you must try now!