The Man Behind the Brand: AJ Fernandez - Cigar Craftsman

The Man Behind the Brand: AJ Fernandez - Cigar Craftsman

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 06, 2019

How much is the cigar industry worth?

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In 2020, cigars revenues averaged 12.70b yen. The business is projected to grow by 4.44 percent in 2025. In global terms, the most significant revenue generated in the United States is USD12.700.00 million by 2023. Compared with yearly population figures, revenue for people reached 45.96 million in 2023.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many cigar manufacturers faced a shortage of tobacco. The surge in demand and global restrictions on handmade cigar production triggered a significant boom in the industry. Master blenders like Mr. Fernandez, possessing expertise in tobacco cultivation, craftsmanship, and blending, have emerged as pivotal figures in the world of cigar connoisseurs. AJ created the New World blend with his father, reflecting their 'flavor first' approach and offering a medium-bodied, rich flavor profile.

Dominating the premium cigar industry from seed to finished products grants them significant influence. This control enables them to manage pricing effectively while providing consumers with top-tier products. Among their offerings are AJ Fernandez cigars, including popular choices like AJ Fernandez New World Oscuro, New World Connecticut, New World Dorado, Last Call Maduro, San Lotano, and Bellas Artes. Don’t overlook the cigar collaborations by AJ Fernandez Cigars with major manufacturers like Altadis USA and General Cigars. Together, they offer a wide spectrum and unique insight into the world of cigars.

If you are passionate about indulging in rich, flavorful cigars that offer a truly luxurious experience, look no further than a renowned cigar brand such as A.J. Fernandez. With a history of crafting exceptional tobacco products and a dedication to quality, AJ Fernandez cigars are known for their exquisite taste profiles and premium quality. When you choose an AJ Fernandez cigar, you select a sophisticated blend that promises a smoking experience like no other, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Steeped in family history and still run by the same tradition in which it began, this brand offers a unique blend of cigar flavors produced in partnership with another top-of-the-line brand. The result is a perfect experience.

Read more on the relationship, the history, and the Hoyo La Amistad Black below.


Cigar Lovers AJ Fernandez Brand

Beyond doubt, the history of this new world- a top cigar brand informs the premium quality infused in every cigar.

Started in San Luis, Cuba, by Andres Fernandez, AJ’s grandfather, the company grows its filler blend and unique tobacco blend from seeds they curate. They are proprietary to the company and part of the proud tradition passed down through the family

After Andres came Ismael Fernandez, AJ’s grandfather, uncle, and father, who continued the commitment to tradition and taught AJ the technique and patience required to make praise-worthy cigars at their Tabacalera.

Now located in Esteli, Nicaragua, the family cigar still produces the world the same sophisticated cigars under various brands under the watchful eye of Abdel Yousef Fernandez.

He manages the Tabacalera cigar factory and continues to nod to the family cigar history with moves like reviving the discontinued San Lotano brand of cigars. The New World Puro Especial, a 93-rated blend produced by AJ Fernandez, is another testament to their dedication to premium Nicaraguan cigars.


Abdel was born in Cuba in March 1979. As a boy, he helped his father with the tobacco farm, one of the world’s first things he could remember.

It’s in his blood, as tradition shows, and destiny picked him for the New World AJ, one of the industries.

Growing up, AJ worked with Alejandro Robaina, the Godfather of Cuban tobacco. Robaina passed away in 2010, but his fields are still considered some of the best tobacco suppliers in the world. The tricks of the trade AJ learned from him live on in the brand today.

When he began growing tobacco, he leased fields. That got him up and running, but in 2004, AJ moved to Nicaragua. He knew that mountainside land grows the best tobacco.

He also wanted to take a new world and let it grow to maturity. Using young leaves isn’t an option for AJ of cigar makers worldwide, and he doesn’t take on any new client who asks him to use young tobacco to produce more cigars faster.

He wants every cigar to be perfect (part of the reason he smokes one of every portfolio and formats it daily). AJ Fernandez also produces the 'Romeo y Julieta' brand, known for its predominantly Nicaraguan blends.

What does he do for fun? The cigar mogul doesn’t have many hobbies. His sole interest is tobacco. On occasion, American football (not soccer) can take aj of his attention away, but the young tobacco man is full of passion for the plant and his cigars-that doesn’t leave time for much else.

The Man with Perfect Taste

A.J. Fernandez could become an ideal candidate if someone could perfect their taste. Research shows taste comes from the brain and can be affected by learning processes and cultural influences.

This is a cornerstone for flavor education. A. J. Fernandez has an extensive list of the subjects. Photograph: Klaus Rauch. His family grew up in Cuba, hardly in Cuba but in San Luis. The small town belongs to Pinar de los Roque province. Most people living in popular tobacco areas usually have experienced tobacco processing in childhood.


Hoyo La Amistad Gold and Hoyo La Amistad Silver were the new world’s first two installations of the cigar line from new world- AJ Fernandez cigars, teamed with Hoyo de Monterrey brands.

This new world’s first third cigar, Hoyo La Amistad Black, completes the trio with a unique blend and aj fitting Spanish name alluding to aj and friendship.

It carries the excellence of taste we’ve come to expect from Abdel’s cigars. This dark, box-pressed cigar has a supple texture similar to a brown paper bag and a flawless build, with an even burn that requires no touch-ups or relights. You can read a full cigar review with more details like smoking time and flavor notes throughout the entire cigar right here. The subtle finish of black pepper on the back of the palate in the first third ramps up and overtakes the entire flavor profile as the cigar progresses into the second third.

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We happily welcome collaboration between two new worlds of leading cigar brands if friendship in the cigar world is part of the deal. We are delighted to see more full-flavor cigars, such as this exquisite Hoyo La Amistad line, released. To learn more about AJ Fernandez and other new world-renowned labels like it, check out our blog posts at Cuenca Cigars! Cigars crafted with precision and passion are a true luxury you can experience even more when joining our Cigar of the Month Club - explore them all today!

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What is the name of the AJ Fernandez factory?

Fernandez owned two cigar factories in Nicaragua. Tabacalera, AJ Fernandez de Nicaragua, SA is situated near Estel, Nicaragua. The San Lotano factory is 70 km north of Totogalpa. These two factories produce more than 100,000 handcrafted cigars each day.

Why AJ Fernandez cigars produce a Top Cigar Brand?

AJ Fernandez's Cigar Company is undoubtedly renowned for its premium-quality cigars. This top cigar brand traces back to San Luis, Cuba; Andres Fernandez (AJ's grandfather) was the company founder and pioneer—his legacy has been carried on ever since. Furthermore, all seeds used are exclusively curated by the team—a recipe is a proud tradition that continues today!

Who is the men behind these cigar brands?

Abdel was born in Cuba on a fateful March day in 1979. From an early age, he assisted his grandfather, uncle, and father with the laborious tasks of tobacco farming—his destiny seemed to have already been chosen for him due to family tradition. As AJ grew up and flourished, he had the profound opportunity to work alongside Alejandro Robaina—the Godfather of Cuban Tobacco himself!

Since the unfortunate passing of Robaina in 2010, his fields remain renowned globally as some of the most exceptional tobacco suppliers. The knowledge and experience that AJ gathered from him have been passed down to this day within their brand. When he started growing tobacco, he took out leases for various plots - an efficient way to start with minimal investment. However, in 2004 AJ relocated to Nicaragua, where mountain-grown land fosters ideal conditions for cultivating superior-quality tobacco while enabling it to mature completely before harvesting.

He refuses to use young leaves for his cigars and will not accept new clients who demand rapid production with immature tobacco. Perfection is paramount for cigar makers; it motivates them to smoke one of every cigar portfolio and format daily.

What was A.J Fernandez's inaugural Collaboration with a well-known Cigar Brand?

AJ Fernandez's first collaboration with an established brand was Hoyo La Amistad Gold and Silver, a trio of cigars under the umbrella of Hoyo de Monterrey. These three cigars allude to A.J. and friendship in their Spanish name—Hoyo La Amistad Black—marking the successful launch of AJ in this new world they created.

Have you ever wondered how AJ Fernandez had become such a beloved cigar maker?

Have you ever wondered how AJ Fernandez has become such a beloved cigar maker? Let us tell you - it's because of powerful partnerships between two leading cigar brands. Look no further than the Hoyo La Amistad line as proof! To learn more about other top-tier cigars, explore our blog posts at Cuenca Cigars. Treat yourself to fine artisanal selections like this by joining the Cigar of the Month Club for even greater access to these luxurious goods.