Handmade Dominican Cigars


Dominican Cigars Made by Artisans Using the Finest Tobacco

Dominican Cigars Made by Artisans Using the Finest Tobacco

Cuenca Cigars Is Proud to Present a Selection of Some of the Finest Handmade Best Dominican Cigars in the World.

Exceptional Cigars for Your Delectation

Cigar smoking is a pastime that has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life for centuries. There is something deliciously decadent about the taste, aroma, and ritual of smoking a cigar that makes it a truly unique and satisfying experience.

The Pleasures of Cigar Smoking

If you're new to the world of cigars, the sheer number of different types and brands can be overwhelming. But there’s no need to worry, as we are here to guide you.

Although the common thinking of cigars made in Cuba are frequently held up as the benchmark against which all other cigars are measured, other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, also produce a wide variety of extraordinary cigars. These cigars are held to a supreme quality control and are rolled with an impeccable mastery. The tradition of cigar rolling has been taught by Cuban families who emigrated to America even before 1959 like the Fuente Family.  

Dominican Cigars

Dominican cigars are known for the exquisite tobacco used in their production. In fact, the Dominican Republic has a rich cultural history that includes the art of cigar making. The artisanship in each and every Dominican cigar that we stock is of the highest possible quality. Dominican Republic has become one main tobacco produced in the world.

World-Renowned Brands

We offer a wonderful selection of Dominican cigar brands, including those from esteemed producers like Davidoff, Arturo Fuente, Avo, and La Flor Dominicana. With such a delightful variety of handmade cigars to choose from, we’re sure to have something that will satisfy your tastes. Our premium service lets you buy cigars online. We pack every order with care so it arrives at its destination safely.

Arturo Fuente

The line of cigars created by Arturo Fuente includes a fantastic choice of flavors and blends. The most well-known cigar produced by the Fuente family is the Fuente Fuente Opus X, which was first released in 1995. The Fuente product line has a wide variety of options available, both in terms of price and quality.

Although the Opus X is considered to be Fuente's flagship product, other cigars from the brand, such as the Hemingway and the Flor Fina 858, are also hugely popular. And there is no better option than the Ashton VSG for cigar connoisseurs in search of a robust and heady flavor, with a rich, complex finish. The VSG is crafted by Carlos Fuente Jr. solely for Ashton with premium-quality tobacco from the Dominican Republic. It has been matured to perfection. Exquisite!

Avo Cigars

If you're looking for a rich, full-bodied cigar, try the delectable Avo range. The Avo Domaine is a medium-body, medium-strength cigar that has been ranked among the top 50 cigars in the world. AVO cigars have a very distinctive fruity flavour that is a quality that many cigar aficionado love of it. It is a reminded of the music of AVO Uvezian the composer who cigars bared the name from.

La Flor Dominicana

If you haven’t tried them yet, take a look at the inspiring range of premium cigars from La Flor Dominicana. They offer an outstanding range of blends, shapes and sizes that are prized worldwide. Litto Gomez Diez is the master blender who stared this company. Now his two sons are in the industry joining efforts and the tradition.

Browse Our Selection of Dominican Cigars Today and Find Your New Favourite Smoke

The wonderful selection of cigars we stock at Cuenca Cigars is handmade by skilled artisans using some of the finest tobaccos in the world. Whether you're looking for a mild, medium, or full-bodied cigar, we are sure to have something you will appreciate.

Please enjoy choosing from the Cuenca Cigars Dominican collection.

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