Discover the Finest: Navigating the World of Luxury with Today's Top Cigar Magazine Picks

Discover the Finest: Navigating the World of Luxury with Today's Top Cigar Magazine Picks

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 06, 2024

Are you on the hunt for a cigar magazine that not only reviews cigars but also captures the essence of the aficionado lifestyle? Look no further. This no-nonsense guide ranks the elite cigar magazines, advising on pairings, and unveiling the luxury life that comes with them. Anticipate a dive into events, community connections, and culture — all without the filler.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigar Aficionado, founded in 1992, is a seminal luxury lifestyle magazine covering a wide range of topics including cigar industry insights, high-end spirits, travel, and celebrity profiles, and leads the cigar magazine realm with annual ratings and awards.
  • The digital expansion of cigar content through online publications and forums complements the traditional print magazine experience, allowing for a variety of editorial perspectives and updated information catered to both local and global cigar communities.
  • Cigar magazines offer more than just reading material, providing subscribers with exclusive content, event access, and a sense of community through social media interaction and annual gatherings that celebrate and enhance the global cigar culture.

The Essence of Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Illustration of a sophisticated man enjoying a cigar while reading a magazine

In the fall of 1992, New York City witnessed the birth of an iconic publication that would redefine the cigar landscape - Cigar Aficionado. Launched by Marvin R. Shanken, founder of Shanken Communications, this magazine was the result of extensive market research into the lifestyles and habits of cigar smokers. It catered to a dedicated, well-heeled male demographic whose love for cigars was matched only by their affluent lifestyles.

The magazine’s content was as rich as its readership, featuring everything from:

  • wines and spirits
  • travel
  • gambling
  • interviews and articles related to the cigar industry
  • stock insights

This sparked a cigar boom in the 1990s. Cigar Aficionado, through its expert-authored articles and regular updates, has earned its place as a leading authority in the cigar world.

Celebrity Profiles and Lifestyle

Cigar Aficionado magazine offers a window into the ‘good life’ led by celebrities who share a love for cigars. The magazine enthralls readers with profiles of these celebrities and insights into their glamorous lifestyles, adding an aspirational touch.

Annual Ratings and Awards

One of the highlights of Cigar Aficionado’s annual content is the Top 25 list, which crowns the Cigar of the Year. This prestigious honor emerges from a meticulous year-long review of hundreds of cigars, eagerly anticipated by the cigar community as a benchmark of industry excellence.

In addition to its extensive cigar ratings and reviews, the magazine also covers a wide range of luxury lifestyle topics, including:

  • travel
  • sports
  • wines
  • spirits
  • arts

This blend of content further enhances the appeal of the magazine, making it an entertaining and comprehensive guide to the good life for cigar enthusiasts.

Events and Experiences

Adding to its repertoire of offerings, Cigar Aficionado hosts the annual events Great Smoke Las Vegas and Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest. These events attract cigar aficionados from across the globe, providing a platform for indulging in premium cigars and spirits, savoring gourmet food, and participating in educational tasting seminars.

The 2024 iteration of Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest, co-hosted with Whisky Advocate, marked the event’s expansion to new venues, a testament to the magazine’s growing influence.

The World of Cigars Through Print and Digital Media

While Cigar Aficionado remains a stalwart in the print magazine world, the digital realm offers a host of other platforms for cigar enthusiasts. Online publications and print magazines cater to varied reader preferences, ensuring that the world of cigars is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Online Cigar Publications

Online cigar publications have risen as significant contributors in the digital age. Offering a blend of content from news and product releases to detailed reviews and lifestyle articles, these platforms cater to the modern cigar enthusiast. Prominent among them are:

Cigar Snob Magazine and Blind Man’s Puff offer a modern editorial perspective with unbiased reviews. They bring freshness to the cigar discourse, while Halfwheel is renowned for its in-depth industry news. Publications such as Cigar Journal show a commendable commitment to their readers by frequently updating content to meet the craving for current information.

Despite their global reach, these publications often have strong local ties, catering to both world travel and local interests. For instance, Miami is a significant influence for Cigar Journal and Cigar Snob Magazine, reflecting the international and local dimensions of the cigar world.

Print Magazines for Cigar Enthusiasts

Despite the rapid digital expansion, print magazines still captivate many cigar enthusiasts with their tactile reading experience. Some popular print magazines for cigar enthusiasts include:

  • Cigar Aficionado
  • Cigar Snob
  • Smoke Magazine
  • Cigar & Spirits Magazine

These magazines offer coverage of top-rated cigars and luxury lifestyle topics, including the world’s best spirits.

Print magazines like Cigar Snob Magazine bring a fresh perspective to the cigar industry with engaging photography and editorial content. Similarly, Cigars & Leisure caters to modern cigar enthusiasts with articles on travel, adventure, and leisure. These print publications provide regular updates on the cigar scene, making them an essential part of any cigar enthusiast’s reading list.

Cigar Magazine Subscriptions: A Gift for the Sophisticated Smoker

Illustration of a hand presenting a wrapped cigar magazine subscription as a gift

For those looking to present a thoughtful gift to sophisticated smokers, a subscription to a cigar magazine could be the perfect choice. Whether it’s a print or digital subscription, the recipient will appreciate the wealth of exclusive content, potential discounts, and early access to events that come with it.

Subscription Benefits

A subscription to a cigar magazine opens up a world of benefits, including exclusive content, attractive discounts, and priority access to cigar-related events. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request more information.

Moreover, the joy of receiving issues at one’s residence before they are available in retail stores enhances the value of the subscription. It’s like getting a VIP pass to the world of luxury cigars.

Gifting a Subscription

A gift subscription to a cigar magazine equates to a continuous stream of exclusive cigar-related content. It allows individuals to share their passion for cigars with friends, family, or colleagues.

Many magazines offer the option to customize the gift card sent to the recipient, adding a personal touch to this thoughtful gift.

The Art of Cigar Pairings: Expert Advice from Top Cigar Magazines

Illustration of a table with cigars, glasses of wine, and spirits, depicting cigar pairings

Just as a gourmet meal is incomplete without a fine wine, cigars are best enjoyed with the right pairings. Prominent cigar magazines provide expert guidance on pairing cigars with spirits, wines, and food, enriching the cigar experience.

Spirits and Cigars

The art of pairing cigars with spirits can elevate the tasting experience. Whether it’s the complementary flavors of a full-bodied cigar with a full-bodied beverage like whisky or wine, or the contrasting pairings that highlight each other’s flavors, such as a light cigar with an earthy bourbon, the possibilities are endless.

Whiskies, cognacs, brandies, and even tequilas, each with their unique flavor profiles, offer a plethora of pairing options. For instance, spicy cigars or those with sweet undertones can be excellently matched with rum, particularly spiced rum. On the other hand, cognac and brandy, known for their smoky sweetness, are ideally paired with milder or medium-bodied cigars.

Wine and Cigar Pairings

Wine and cigar pairings are a traditional aspect of the cigar experience. Full-bodied red wines often pair well with strong cigars, while light white wines are usually matched with milder cigars. However, personal taste preferences play a significant role in finding the perfect match.

Certain full-bodied and fruity red wines, known as some of the finest wines, include:

  • California zinfandel
  • Australian or South African shiraz
  • Pinot noir
  • Cabernet sauvignon
  • Tawny port

are among the top choices for pairing with cigars. These combinations not only elevate the cigar experience but also add a layer of luxury to it.

Food and Cigar Combinations

Pairing cigars with food, beyond spirits and wines, can notably enhance the overall fine dining experience. Whether it’s a hearty steak dinner complemented by a Weller by Cohiba 2022 edition cigar or an American cheeseburger enjoyed with a Knuckle Sandwich cigar, the right food and cigar combination can be a game-changer.

For lighter fare like chicken dishes, fish, or pasta, a Montecristo White label, known for its mild and mellow flavors, is an excellent choice. Even coffee and chocolate flavors provide versatile pairing options for cigars, making every meal a potential cigar pairing experience.

Cigar Magazines and the Global Cigar Community

With content that appeals to enthusiasts worldwide, cigar magazines foster a global community, creating a network of shared passions and tastes that deepen the bonds among cigar lovers.

Events and Gatherings

Apart from their publications, cigar magazines also host events and gatherings tailored for cigar aficionados. These events, such as the annual Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest, provide unique opportunities for camaraderie and shared experiences among enthusiasts, further nurturing the global cigar community.

Social Media Presence

In the digital age, cigar magazines utilize social media platforms as channels to interact with their audience and advocate for the cigar lifestyle. Through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these magazines disseminate information, share news, and foster a community around the enjoyment of cigars.

Online Forums and Discussions

Online forums and discussion groups like Cigar Weekly Community Forums offer a common platform for cigar enthusiasts to connect and engage in conversation. These forums cover a wide range of topics, including:

These forums foster a vibrant online community where members can share their experiences and knowledge.


In conclusion, cigar magazines serve as a gateway to the world of luxury cigars, offering a wealth of information and insights for both novices and aficionados. They provide expert advice on cigar pairings, host events for cigar lovers, and foster a global cigar community through various platforms. Whether you’re gifting a magazine subscription to a friend or exploring the art of cigar pairings, these publications are your guide to the sophisticated world of cigars.

How much does Cigar Aficionado cost?

Cigar Aficionado costs $24.95 for a year's subscription.

How often is Cigar Aficionado published?

Cigar Aficionado is published 6 times per year. Each issue provides ratings and tasting notes to help consumers make informed cigar buying decisions.

What is the role of cigar magazines in the cigar community?

Cigar magazines play a crucial role in fostering a global cigar community, providing content, hosting events, and engaging with readers through various platforms. They contribute to the sense of community and shared passion among cigar enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of subscribing to a cigar magazine?

Subscribing to a cigar magazine provides access to exclusive content, potential discounts, and early event access for cigar enthusiasts. Enjoy the benefits of being a part of the cigar community.

How do cigar magazines contribute to the art of cigar pairings?

Cigar magazines contribute to the art of cigar pairings by providing expert advice on pairing cigars with spirits, wines, and food, elevating the cigar smoking experience.