Montecristo White


Montecristo White cigars are a perfect way to make an impressive entrance.

For those seeking an even richer and bolder flavor, Montecristo has delivered its newest edition: the Montecristo White Cigar. This tantalizing blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers combined with its Ecuadorian shade-grown wrapper creates a smooth, robust flavor that is sure to satisfy all cravings for taste! With this new addition to the renowned Montecristo family, they have not only lived up to but surpassed expectations - proving yet again why they stand out from the competition.

When was this mild cigar initially released to the public?

In early 2017, the Montecristo White Series rightfully earned itself a spectacular 91 rating. Its flavor was noted to be sweet and creamy, with distinct notes of honey, ginger, and freshly ground pepper detected during smoking. Additionally, its wrapper emitted yellowish hues while being lit up as it burned evenly throughout the smoke session.

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