Chillin' Moose Bull Moose


Who knows the latest release that Forged Cigars Company is working on? Forged Cigars Company is a newly created company that split the vast portfolio of its older sister company, Genera Cigars. It is responsible for producing cigars brands including Diesel, Partagas, El Rey del Mundo, Bolivar, Chillin Moose, and La Gloria Cubana. The company is presently accountable for some of the best tobacco blends in the cigar Journal and some interesting tobacco aging processes.

The latest is Chillin' Moose Bull Moose. Chillin' Moose, the brand you know and love, is back. This time with a bigger size design and better-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Chillin' Moose Bull Moose Nicaraguan Puro is made of Pure Nicaraguan Tobaccos. With a 60+ Ring Gaunce. These all Gordo blends Nicaraguan Habano from filler to wrapper.

These premium handmade cigars are manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua. Four sizes of the Chillin' Moose Bull Moose. You are starting with a Robusto Gordo with dimensions of 5 x 60. The following is a spectrum of Gigantic Sizes: Gigante in a 6 x 60, Gigante XL 6 x 70, and the Gigante XXL 7 x 60. Still, these are some inexpensive smokes that will delight the most sophisticated cigar aficionado. Shouting on the best cigars for beginners and very well to served during your wedding or anniversary!