Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition

Casa 1910 Introduces a New Line With Its Superb Cavalry Edition

Casa 1910 Proudly Presents the Cavalry Edition.

Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition Cigars

The Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition was created to honor the horses who served the soldiers of the Mexican Revolution. The vitolas bear the names of the more well-known steeds that Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa rode.

Cigar Blend

These medium to full-bodied cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua using carefully chosen blends of premium aged Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. A satisfying smoke for any cigar lover.

Tasting Notes

Medium-bodied with soft spice and a delicate sweetness lightly touched by leather and loam, these satisfying cigars are the perfect accompaniment for a finely aged Cognac or Single Malt.


We offer the Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition in three options:

  • As de Oro 6.00 x 54 Toro
  • Jilguero 6.00 x 60 Toro
  • Lucero 6.00 x 54 Torpedo

These Premium Cigars Are Sure to Delight

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