Onyx Vintage Nicaragua


Are you ready to discover an exceptional smoking experience? Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigars are the culmination of a sophisticated blend of vintage, extra-aged tobaccos, expert craftsmanship, and a prestigious Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer, Tabacalera AJ Fernandez. These cigars have earned a 94 rating from Cigar Aficionado and continue to captivate aficionados worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique characteristics of each size and help you find your perfect match.

Overview of Featured Cigars

An image showcasing the rich and flavorful Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigar.

Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigars are the result of the masterful blending of Nicaraguan tobaccos, creating a medium to full-bodied experience that is both satisfying and invigorating. The Onyx Bold Nicaragua cigars are crafted with an exquisite, extra-aged Nicaraguan Habano wrapper from 2019, a Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Their harmonious marriage of flavors includes notes of chocolate, spice, and espresso, making them a standout in the world of cigars.

These timeless square pressed beauties are produced by Tabacalera AJ Fernandez, the prestigious Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer behind onyx reserve other renowned brands like Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. The Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigars are packaged in sleek matte black boxes of 20, and they come in three sizes: Robusto, Toro, and Magnum 60. Each size offers something unique, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every aficionado. As part of the onyx brand, these cigars maintain the high-quality standards that the brand is known for.

This post will explore each Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigar, highlighting the Robusto’s economical value, the Toro’s balanced flavor profile, and the unique construction and complexity of the Magnum 60. Now, let’s embark on the journey to find your ideal cigar.

Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Robusto: Best Value for Money

A picture of Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Robusto cigars, a medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro with a chocolate and espresso flavor profile

Price: $9.60


  • Affordable price

  • Satisfying smoking experience

  • Comparable to other popular cigar brands

Famed for its great value, the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Robusto is priced at an affordable $9.60 per cigar. It’s known for a smooth draw and thick, creamy smoke, with a flavor profile filled with hints of earth, leather, spice, and espresso. This provides a satisfying smoking experience, comparable to renowned cigar brands like CAO Gold, Don Tomas Special Edition, and Gran Habano #1 Connecticut.

A well-rounded option for those seeking an enjoyable cigar at a reasonable price, the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Robusto is a true gem in the world of cigars. Its medium to full-bodied strength and rich flavor profile make it an excellent choice for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. So, if you’re looking for a cigar that offers exceptional quality without breaking the bank, the Robusto is your go-to.

Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Toro: Best Balanced Flavor Profile

A picture of Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Toro cigars, a great-burning Nicaraguan puro with a balanced flavor profile

Price: $10


  • Well-balanced flavor profile

  • Medium to full-bodied strength

  • Dark, oily wrapper

Priced at $10 per cigar, the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Toro earns accolades for its balanced flavor profile and medium to full-bodied strength. Nicaraguan tobaccos and a dark, oily wrapper constitute this cigar, positioning it as a worthy successor to brands such the Robusto. Its array of flavors includes:

  • pepper

  • caramel

  • earth

  • nuts

  • dark chocolate

  • molasses

  • maple

  • coffee

This creates a luxurious and multifaceted smoking experience, indulging the body in a sensory delight.

This Toro offers a harmonious blend of flavors and strength, making it a fantastic choice for those who appreciate complexity and balance in their cigars. Its smooth and pleasurable smoking experience, combined with its rich and diverse flavor profile, makes the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Toro a must-try for any cigar enthusiast. The Onyx Reserve line is another example of the onyx brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Magnum 60: Best Construction and Complexity"

A picture of Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Magnum 60 cigars, a top-notch construction Nicaraguan puro with a complex flavor profile

Price: $10.75


  • Superior construction

  • Intricate flavor profile

  • Even draw and great burn

Priced at $10.75 per cigar, the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Magnum 60 is esteemed for its superior construction and layered flavor profile, making it a true Nicaraguan puro. It exhibits impeccable craftsmanship, evidenced by an even draw, great burn, consistent burn, and solid ash.

The Magnum 60’s flavor profile features notes of earth, leather, and spice, providing a rich and intricate smoking experience. This cigar is perfect for those who value top-notch construction and complexity in their cigars, making it a fantastic addition to any aficionado’s collection.

Choosing Your Perfect Onyx Vintage Nicaragua

Choosing the ideal Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigar entails considering factors like size, flavor, and price. Each variant offers unique attributes, thus making the decision largely based on personal preference.

For those seeking a great value for money, the Robusto is an excellent choice, offering an affordable price and satisfying smoking experience. If a well-balanced flavor profile is what you’re after, the Toro delivers a harmonious blend of flavors and medium to full-bodied strength. Finally, if superior construction and complexity are your priorities, the Magnum 60 is the epitome of craftsmanship and intricate flavor.

Regardless of your preferences, Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigars are sure to impress with their exceptional quality, rich flavor profiles, and remarkable craftsmanship. So go ahead and indulge in one of these timeless square pressed beauties - you won’t be disappointed.


In conclusion, the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigars are a remarkable combination of vintage, extra-aged tobaccos, expert craftsmanship, and prestigious manufacturing, making them an exceptional choice for any cigar aficionado. Whether you prefer the value-packed Robusto, the well-balanced Toro, or the masterfully constructed Magnum 60, an Onyx Vintage Nicaragua cigar is perfect for you. So, don’t hesitate to explore these exquisite cigars and discover a smoking experience.