Montecristo Original


Montecristo Original - Celebrity smokers

The Montecristo Original series is a classic in the Dominican Montecristo Cigars realm. Hand-crafted by Tabacalera de Garcia with an exquisite Connecticut wrapper and top-shelf fillers and binders, these cigars will tantalize any cigar aficionado's taste buds. Enjoying one of these smokes can transport you back to when it was first released—a timeless treat for even the most discerning connoisseur!

Montecristo Original cigars have been the choice of stars for generations! Enjoy a smoke that's fit for the silver screen and luxury lounges.

Cigar Smoking - Classic Past time

Montecristo cigars are the epitome of excellence, crafted with a skilled hand and made from Dominican-grown Cuban seed long filler and Connecticut shade wrappers. Regarded as one of the best in its class, this aged blend provides an intricate flavor profile that will delight even experienced aficionados. The distinct construction of each size offers a medium-bodied experience that is sure to please. Don't wait - indulge today at our discounted prices!

​Montecristo has been graced with a number of 90-ratings, as well as an exceptional 91-rating from Cigar Insider which praised its robust qualities. The reviewers noted: "This fantastic cigar is brimming with oils and expertly crafted. Its velvety texture provides a steely smoothness accompanied by white pepper notes and delightful herbal spice on the palate."

Celebrities Smoking Cigars

Celebrity cigar smoking is on the rise, as iconic stars such as Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone replace cigarettes with this more sophisticated habit. In Rocky, for example, Stallone ditched tobacco in favor of a superior flavor - one that can only be found by indulging in premium cigars.

Celebrating the man who has come to epitomize cigar smoking, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an iconic choice. As one of history's most distinguished bodybuilders, Hollywood actors, and Governors alike, Arnold Schwarzenegger has promoted the art of cigar smoking openly for decades - inspiring a wave of admiration from aficionados around the world. For these reasons and more, you won't regret choosing this as your go-to smoke!

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