1502 Emerald


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1502 Emerald is a mild to medium-bodied handmade cigar. They have been rated a very solid 92 rating by many cigar experts. Some of the strength comes from combined tobacco. Special hand-picked aged tobacco leaves, flavored with sweet cedar and aroma of honey, vanilla and floral notes. Visit our cigar shop toda and grab a few of these luxury cigars.

1502 Emerald Tobacco Blend

The 1502 Emerald are handmade cigars composed with Mexican San Andres premium tobaccos, Estelí, and Condega tobacco Fillers. These fillers tobaccos are blended with rare tobacco that is a sweet Nicaraguan Binder. They all bound together or wrapped with a sweet Corojo Habano tobacco also premium tobaccos from the volcanic regions of Nicaraguan.

1502 Emerald cigars delightful mellow flavor

Enrique Sanchez Icaza from Global Premium Cigars, created this blend using a Box pressed format and 20 cigars counts for the most part. Some 9 Cigars Samplers are also available. Wooden vintage all Natural box featuring Emerald Vintage.

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A FAQ for 1502 Emerald

The 1502 Emerald cigar is a medium to full-bodied cigar with a rich tobacco flavor that is medium to full-bodied. It's a cigar that is perfect for someone interested in a stronger, natural cigar with some notes of sweetness. You can expect pepper, spice, black pepper, cedar, natural tobacco, creamy notes, and a medium to full-bodied smoke when smoking. Named after the color of their wrapper and their strong aroma, these cigars are the answer to your cravings.

The blend of 1502 Emerald is primarily Nicaraguan, including Corojo tobacco. While this cigar contains fillers from Esteli, Condega, and San Andres (Mexican) tobacco, the wrapper comes from Jalapa, Nicaragua – a region known for producing some of the world's finest wrappers due to rich soil composition and an intricate manual cultivation process that involves sun-drying, a lengthy fermentation process followed by having all leaves reconstituted in water after drying.
Primarily, the 1502 emerald comes in three vitolas:
  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Toro: 6 x 50
  • Torpedo: 6 1/2 x 52
Another vitolas were added to the line since then.

Burn on 1502 emerald require low maintenance and a few touch-ups to burn straight. The resulting ash is hard and has  an amazing white color. As far as the draw is concerned, the 1502 Emerald was a low-maintenance cigar to puff on.

It is simple to smoke 1502 emerald cigars like you smoke regular ones. Cut an small portion of the cap the cigar with a cigar cutter. Some cigar aficionados prefer the V-Cut style while the majority will use a straight cut to abundant the smoke. Then put the cigar in your mouth and draw some air through it and finally light the cigar.