Drew Estate Sales Event

Drew Estate H99 Ashtray

Don't miss the Sales Event on Saturday, the 20th! Purchase the Multi Box option of Premium Cigars and spend over $500 to receive a free red ashtray with the Liga Privada H99 logo to add to your home décor. The ashtrays are in limited supply, so come early to ensure you get one. You'll also find many other items at the estate sales event. Stop by if you're interested.



When you purchase Multi Box od Premium Cigars, you have the chance to get a free Backpack that features the Drew Estate The Rebirth of Cigars Logo. The backpack is designed to carry cigar accessories, cigars and is suitable for travel. Please note that the number of backpacks available is limited. Also, other items will be available at the event. Make sure to attend if you're interested.



Introducing the absolutely perfect next accessory for cigar enthusiasts - The Cigar Travel Case. It's designed to keep your premium cigars separate from your Cigar Lighter and Cigar Cutter while also featuring a discreet Flask for your favorite whiskey or cognac. This ultimate cigar case is crafted with your needs in mind. And the best part? You can receive it for free when you purchase a box of 20+ cigars during our upcoming Event.



If you buy a box of 20+ Papa Fritas or Nasty Fritas premium cigars, you'll get a free white ceramic tobacco ashtray featuring the Liga Privada Unico Series Logo. One side reads "Papa Fritas," and the other reads "Nasty Fritas." This ashtray is limited, so act fast. Additionally, you'll qualify for other event tickets and swag available that day.



You can get the Wrist Strap Key change at our upcoming Sales Event. To get it, you only need to purchase 5 premium cigars from the Undercrown, Herrera, Joya de Nicaragua lines, Crazy Alize, Leather of the Rose, or Acid Infused tobaccos. Once you do, you will receive a free cigar and the Key-change. Keep in mind that supplies are limited.



This Water Canteen is a convenient item to have when you're on the move. It features the Drew Estate The Rebirth of Cigars logo and has a beautiful and practical design. The exciting news is that you can get it for free when you buy 10 premum cigars during our upcoming Sales Event. Plus, you'll receive two extra cigars for free! Make a note of the date and join us for an evening of camaraderie and cigars.



The Private Blend, Liga Privada H99, now has a new size and is exclusively available at events, just like before. To acquire them, you must attend one of the events and purchase premium cigars from the company.

The New Size - Large ring gauge requests - Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate Founder, Explains

**** Liga Privada H99 Super-Ancho. These Cigars ARE NOT FREE. You get the Oportunity to BUY THEM******

Mark your calendar for May 20th because there will be a Drew Estate sales event at Cuenca Cigars Shop. Have you heard about the new Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho? It's your chance to try it out!

The Liga Privada H99 Super-Ancho cigar has unique tobaccos, including Stalk-Cut Habano and a Connecticut Corojo hybrid wrapper grown only on a farm in the Connecticut River Valley.

Whan to know more about the Mexican San Andres Otapan Negro Último Corte?

The San Andres wrapper is made from tobacco plants grown exclusively in the San Andres valley of Mexico, which are of Cuban seed. It is commonly referred to as "Mexican San Andres". While it is available in different shades and may also be used for filler and binder, it is mostly used as a Maduro wrapper. In the blend, it is chosen as Ultimos Corte, the highest part of the tobacco plant closest to the top, which provides strength to the blend of these premium cigars.

It also contains a binder from Mexican San Andres Otapan Negro Último Corte and a blend of tobacco from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania Green River.

The cigar comes in a larger format called the Privada h99 Super Ancho, measuring 6 x 60. This was done to meet the demand for large ring gauge requests on Liga Privada cigars, explains Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate founder, during the presentation.

In the past, cigar enthusiasts typically smoke smaller rings gauge premium cigars. They loved to Smoke Lanceros, coronas and churchills. However, a growing trend among cigar smokers is to opt for larger ring gauges when choosing cigars. This Private Blend is only available at diplomat program partner events. The Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho is the first Liga Privada cigar in a 6 x 60 format.

Would you like to learn more about the Connecticut River?

The Connecticut River Valley is an area that surrounds the 406-mile-long Connecticut River. The river flows through four states in the New England region of the United States and runs in a roughly southward direction. The river starts 300 yards south of the U.S. border with Quebec, Canada, and ends at Long Island Sound.

What is Pennsylvania Green River tobacco?

According to USDA estimates, 60% of Pennsylvania's tobacco crop has already been cut, which is over ten years earlier than usual. It's important to note that Connecticut broadleaf is a different type of tobacco than the state's other well-known variety. Shade tobacco is grown in covered tents and is used exclusively for cigar wrappers because of its light, thin leaves. In contrast, broadleaf is grown outside and has heavier, darker leaves, as noted by James LaMondia, the chief scientist at the Valley Laboratory of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho Event Only Cigar - Only available to Drew Diplomat Program Partners

The Limited Edition name Liga Privada 10th Anniversary cigar has been released to celebrate more than ten years of Liga Privada Cigars being in the market. This cigar is intended for aficionados who prefer to smoke lanceros format, which is a very traditional size.

The Firts time a H99 Liga Privada cigar rolled was back in 2018. It is still a new smoke that is sure to attract brand lovers who are always eager to try new releases. And the Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho, It us now released for the first time.

The Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho is now available. Cuenca Cigars is hosting a Sales Event on Saturday, May 20th at 4 pm. You can visit your preferred Cuenca Cigar Shop to spend time with friends and enjoy a wide variety of cigars from around the world. During the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Liga Privada H99 Super Ancho Event Only Cigar.

We are located at the heart of Downtown Hollywood, Florida. We are honored to be part of the Drew Diplomat Program. This Cigar Shop is the world best experience ever for grown adults who enjoy smoking cigars.


  • 1 CIGAR


If you select this option, you'll get one free cigar and a Wrist Strap Keychain. Moreover, you become eligible to buy two tickets to purchase to experience Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Super Ancho Event Only.


  • 2 CIGARS


This option includes 2 cigars and a Water Canteen. Additionally, if you select this option, you will be eligible to purchase to experience two Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Super Ancho cigars that are only available at events.


It could be a Box of 20-Plus cigars or 20 Individual Cigars.

  • 3 CIGARS


This option includes a free Travel Case and 3 Cigars. Additionally, you are eligible to buy and experience 3 Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Super Ancho Event Only cigars.


  • 4 CIGARS





Buy several boxes of cigars.

You will get 4 cigars along with a beautiful backpack, a Cigar Travel Case, a Water Canteen, and a Wrist strap Keychain. Additionally, you have the option to experience the taste while buying 4 Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Super Ancho Event Only.

Make sure to be the first one in line or place your order online as soon as possible, as everything is subject to availability. Please note that we follow a first-come-first-served policy. There is also a beautiful collection of Cigar Rest from previous events, among other surprises, that will be also available.

Cigar rest have become a popular luxury item. Several cigar manufacturers are producing these miniature works of art to enhance their brand image and showcase their premium cigars. As a result, cigar enthusiasts around the world are using these cigar rest to hold their cigars while traveling. Isn't that cool?

Here are some of the most popular cigar rests: Deadwood Cigar Rest, Acid 20th Cigar Rest, The Rebird of Cigars Cigar Rest, and Nica Rustica. Additionally, a collectible cigar rest was included in the past Freestyle Packaged, which was only available when purchasing the Event Package.

Following is some information about the Free Cigars we will be provided with each option.

Undercrown Shade

Nica Rustica Adobe

Herrera Norteno