Aging Room Solera Mexican White

Looking for a sophisticated and complex smoke? Aging Room Solera Mexican White is here!

The Aging Room Solera Mexican White cigar is the perfect choice for those who seek a sophisticated and complex smoke. With its unique Solera aging system, a mixture of various aged tobaccos from different years creates an intricate flavor profile that you won't find with most other premium handmade cigars. To achieve the traditional Aging Room small batch experience, a toothy sun-grown wrapper is expertly blended with the finest Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. An even cylinder of expert craftsmanship, this medium body masterpiece brims with a subtle honey sweetness, hints of nuts, citrus, spice, and some earthy components in the background. Nowhere else can you get this blend of complexity and boldness—not even in Spain itself! Every serious cigar aficionado knows that Rafael Nodal has truly created something special here. Whether you're looking for a moment to yourself or something to share with your guests during any occasion, you'll be sure to leave an impression when you light up the Aging Room Solera Mexican White.