La Flor Dominicana La Volcada


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The name 'La Volcada' comes from one of the steps in the tango dance movement, originating from Uruguay (where Litto Gomez, co-founder of LFD grew up). This is a full-bodied cigar with a Mexican San Andrés, Dominican fillers and an Ecuadorian Corojo ​binder. The La Volcada is packed with flavor that ranges from ​cherry to leather and cedar. The cigars come housed in wood boxes featuring a tapered foot shape like dancers wear for their slippers. With the roll and presentation being so reminiscent of the way traditional tangos are danced around the world, we fall into this Cigar as if it were a passionate embrace!

The La Volcada begins quite similar to the cold draw, with a pronounced earthy tone. Nutmeg and cranberry sauce provide background notes. Medium-bodied smoke provides little pepper sensation at the outset but as the cigar progresses, it picks up in body and strength. The flavor becomes medium-full with nutmeg, cedar, cinnamon spices, and creaminess providing most of the great smoking experience. 

The La Volcada becomes increasingly flavorful in the second third of smoking. By the halfway point, there is a lot of earthiness along with sunflower seeds and pepper. This cigar also becomes fuller-tasting and stronger with full flavor. The body remains only medium-plus throughout this mid-section but it's still enjoyable. Three of the cigars require touch ups at some point in this section: two to increase smoke volume and one for an uneven burn!

In the final third of this cigar, flavors grow richer with the addition of a bread notes, which can be found on the middle part of the tongue. This flavor is similar to salty bread. A new note has entered in the center: you can feel wet leaves between your lips and tongue's tip. The body becomes stronger even if strength is already high and full.

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