Illusione OneOff

illusione-oneoff.jpgDion Giolito, the founder, and owner of Illusione Cigars last project is out. Illusione OneOff was acquired from Cuban Crafters cigars by Dion and replaced by a Top Notch cigar line. Scheduled to be released at the 2018 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show and only very limited Appointed retailers will receive the cigars. Cuenca Cigars is one of them. Illusione OneOff will be produced at the TABSA factory in Nicaragua. Most of the Illusione other brands are made with Casa Fernandez! Not detailed information has been given about the blend but we can assure you the cigar is as tasty as any Illusione and has a flavor profile that will capture the most sophisticated Cigar Aficionado! Shop now Illusione OneOff now at Cuenca Cigars, Subscribe to our Newsletter and start participating in our Absolutely Free Referral Program.