Aging Room Solera Sun Grown Yellow

The new Cigar you should be smoking now!

Experience an unforgettable smoke from the ages with the Aging Room Solera Sun Grown Yellow cigar. As an idea, this unique cigar was inspired by Rafael Nodal's love for wine and the Spanish Solera method of blending older wines with younger wines producing very interesting blends. In this case, old tobaccos with younger tobacco crops to produce the same enhanced flavor richness. As such, tobaccos harvested and collected during different years are carefully layered together to create an incredibly smooth yet complex flavor profile. Each cigar is made with stunning attention to detail at Santiago, Dominican Republic, using only top-grade tobacco leaves and skillful craftsmanship by Jochy Blanco himself. The result is a flavorful bouquet of earthy notes, sweet undertones, and a crisp finish that will captivate all your senses as you relax and enjoy each puff. Treat yourself to the renowned quality of Aging Room smokes while celebrating centuries-old traditions today!