Knuckle Sandwich Habano by Espinosa


Are you ready for a flavor-packed punch? Introducing the Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa Habano, a one-of-a-kind cigar that will take your taste buds on a wild ride! This exceptional collaboration between Erik Espinosa, Guy Fieri, and A.J. Fernandez brings you a smoking experience like no other. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of the Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa Habano!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Knuckle Sandwich Habano, a collaboration between Espinosa Premium Cigars, celebrity chef Guy Fieri & A.J. Fernandez!

  • Enjoy an amazing smoking experience with its smooth draw and even burn for flavorful enjoyment!

  • With rave reviews from both consumers & professionals alike - don’t miss out on this exciting cigar experience!

Getting to Know the Knuckle Sandwich Habano

The Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a medium to full bodied cigar that brings together the expertise of Espinosa Premium Cigars and Espinosa Cigars, celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and the renowned A.J. Fernandez. This remarkable collaboration was crafted at Fernandez’s San Lotano factory in Nicaragua, featuring Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. A perfect combination to take you on a trip to flavor town!

Available in three shapes – Corona Gorda, Robusto, and Toro – the Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a versatile cigar, perfect for any occasion. Priced around $12.50 to $13.50 per cigar, it offers an incredible value for its top-notch quality and a smoking experience that will leave you wanting more. Does the Knuckle Sandwich Habano seem like it’s up your alley?

Preparing for the First Puff

Before indulging in the Knuckle Sandwich Habano’s rich flavors, you’ll need a few tools: a cigar cutter, a lighter or matches, and an optional draw tool. Start by using a straight cut to remove the cap, providing a clean and even cut for a smooth draw and optimal flavor.

Here’s how you can light your Knuckle Sandwich Habano:

  1. Toast the foot of the cigar by holding the flame about an inch away, rotating it slowly to ensure an even burn.

  2. Once evenly toasted, bring the flame closer and take a few gentle puffs to ignite the cigar.

  3. Continue to rotate while puffing to establish an even burn.

  4. Revel in the flavors and aromas of the Knuckle Sandwich Habano as you smoke at a relaxed pace.

The Artistry and Function of the Knuckle Sandwich Habano

The Knuckle Sandwich Habano transcends the realm of mere cigars; it’s truly a masterpiece. From its visual appeal to its construction quality and usability, every aspect of this cigar showcases the craftsmanship and design that went into its creation. We should examine the unique elements that make the Knuckle Sandwich Habano a standout in the cigar industry.

Visual Appeal

With a slightly tawny hued wrapper and a bit of oil, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano catches your eye right away. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is known for its medium-full intensity and rich flavor profile, making it a delightful choice for this cigar. The band, featuring a black, red, gold, and white color scheme, adds a touch of boldness to the overall presentation. For those who enjoy a different taste, the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is also an option to consider.

The cigar’s appearance is further enhanced by its well-rolled construction, with a weathered leather-colored Habano wrapper and a single cap. The draw is open, and the overall construction is solid, highlighting the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that make the Knuckle Sandwich Habano a true masterpiece.

Construction Quality

When it comes to construction quality, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano does not disappoint. The cigar feels exceptionally firm when held. Two of its three shapes also have slightly flattened feet. This well-constructed cigar is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler – all high-quality components that contribute to a truly impressive smoking experience.

The Nicaraguan binder is significant to the overall construction quality of the cigar as it binds the filler tobaccos together, ensuring a smooth and even burn.

Not only does the Knuckle Sandwich Habano look great, but it also performs exceptionally well, offering an enjoyable and satisfying smoking experience that rivals other premium cigars in its price range.

Usability Analysis

A cigar’s usability is all about the smoking experience, and the Knuckle Sandwich Habano delivers in spades, making it a great cigar. The draw is described as smooth and easy, providing a truly satisfying experience for the smoker. The burn consistency is also excellent, with a clean, even burn throughout and firm dark grey ashes.

The typical ash characteristics of a properly constructed cigar include a bright white color, compact and sturdy texture, and longer-burning capability. The Knuckle Sandwich Habano checks all these boxes, ensuring a pleasurable smoking experience from start to finish. With its outstanding usability, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano truly stands out in the world of cigars.

Tasting Notes and Burn Performance

Having discussed the artistic and functional aspects of the Knuckle Sandwich Habano, let’s now explore its flavor profile, burn consistency, and real-world user impressions. This comprehensive understanding of the smoking experience will help you decide if the Knuckle Sandwich Habano is the perfect cigar for you.

Flavor Profile Exploration

The Knuckle Sandwich Habano presents a concert of flavors for your palate to savor. It has notes of:

  • Dark chocolate

  • Black coffee

  • Cedar

  • Pepper

  • Vanilla

  • Leather

It has a creamy profile that perfectly complements the lingering oak flavors. The medium-full intensity of the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper adds depth and richness to the overall smoking experience, while the Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro contributes to its unique character. This medium bodied smoke is truly enjoyable for those who appreciate the nuances of Ecuadorian Habano and Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro.

Users have described the strength of the Knuckle Sandwich Habano as medium to medium-full, with a pepper spice flavor that adds excitement to each puff. The combination of the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler creates a well-balanced and enjoyable flavor profile that includes notes of:

  • earth

  • cedar

  • leather

  • cocoa

  • black pepper

This combination of flavors will keep you coming back for more.

Burn Consistency

The Knuckle Sandwich Habano excels in the area of burn consistency. The burn is clean throughout, with firm dark grey ashes. The draw is phenomenal, and the burn rate and temperature are maintained at ideal levels, providing a great smoking experience. The Nicaraguan origin of the cigar contributes to its smooth and consistent burn, making it an awesome choice for those looking for a flavorful and truly enjoyable smoking experience.

Some users have encountered burn issues and smoke production problems, but these seem to be the exception rather than the rule. The majority of user reviews rave about the straight and even burn they experienced with the Knuckle Sandwich Habano. Overall, the burn consistency of this cigar is outstanding, making it a top choice for cigar aficionados.

Real-Life User Feedback

Cigar aficionados have much to say about the Knuckle Sandwich Habano. Many users rave about its flavor and strength, while others mention burn issues and smoke production problems. Despite these occasional complaints, the overall sentiment of user reviews is overwhelmingly positive, with an average consumer rating of 4.4 out of 5.

The Knuckle Sandwich Habano has also received professional accolades, being ranked 219 out of 3.7k cigars on Dojoverse with a staggering rating of 100%! It has also been named the #23 Cigar of 2022 with a phenomenal rating of 92. Reviewers have raved about its smooth wrapper, good construction, and medium-full strength, making the Knuckle Sandwich Habano a cigar you don’t want to miss.

The Final Puff: Is the Knuckle Sandwich Habano Worth It?

So, should you invest your hard-earned money in the Knuckle Sandwich Habano? Considering its exceptional flavor profile, top-notch construction quality, and overwhelmingly positive user feedback, the answer is a resounding yes! The Knuckle Sandwich Habano provides a top-notch smoking experience at a relatively affordable price point, making it a fantastic value for any cigar enthusiast.

With its rich, complex flavors and consistently even burn, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a cigar that’s sure to impress even the most discerning smokers. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or just starting your cigar journey, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a cigar that deserves a place in your humidor. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this outstanding cigar for yourself, along with other top-notch options like the knuckle sandwich cigars and the knuckle sandwich maduro!


The Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a remarkable cigar that combines the expertise of Erik Espinosa, Guy Fieri, and A.J. Fernandez to create a truly unforgettable smoking experience. With its exceptional flavor profile, outstanding construction quality, and rave user reviews, the Knuckle Sandwich Habano is a cigar that’s not to be missed. So go ahead, treat yourself to a Knuckle Sandwich Habano and savor the flavor-packed punch it delivers. Happy smoking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the knuckle sandwich cigar?

You can find the knuckle sandwich cigar made in partnership with Guy Fieri and master blender Erik Espinosa from Espinosa Premium Cigars. Created by master cigar chef, AJ Fernandez in his San Lotano factory in Nicaragua, it's a blend of habano Cuban-style tobacco for a truly unique smoking experience.

Who makes Espinosa cigars?

Experience the full range of amazing flavors with Espinosa cigars, crafted by La Zona Cigars S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua under the leadership of Erik D. Espinosa and his father.

What is the saying knuckle sandwich?

A knuckle sandwich is a punch in the mouth with a clenched fist, originating from early twentieth-century American movies featuring tough street children or small-time gangsters.

What flavors can I expect from the Knuckle Sandwich Habano?

Treat yourself to a unique and flavorful smoke with the Knuckle Sandwich Habano, boasting notes of dark chocolate, black coffee, cedar, pepper, vanilla, and leather!


A FAQ Page For Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa

Knuckle Sandwich is a perfect cigar for all those that want to try a medium-body cigar with a subtle character of a spicy, leathery, and sweet taste, which is the result of Ecuadorian Sumatra ligero and Dominican Piloto Cubano tobacco. It’s a cigar that has a medium draw and is a good choice for an everyday smoke. The flavor palette is not a complex one, but it’s a medium-bodied as mentioned before, a great smoke for those who want to get the most out of a cigar without the extreme boldness.
The first third has a rich dark chocolate flavor, yeast smell, hint of leather and a bit of fruit sweetness with spices and pepper covering the mouth. Following the second third, you will feel the flavor gets strong with slight notes of black pepper. On the last of second third, you will also observe earth note, black cheery, leather notes and pepper spices in the flavor profile of Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa cigar. On the final third, there is a strong sensation of black pepper to light red pepper which gets medium red pepper later.
Yes, it is a medium body cigar. This cigar has notes of pepper, bread, nuts, cocoa, and a hint of leather. There is a fair share of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers in this cigar, bound by a Dominican binder. Definitely a must try if you like medium body cigars.
Burn lines of Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa cigar is sharp and awesome. The smoke feels and output is great with perfect draw.
Knuckle Sandwich by Espinosa is produced by AJ Fernandez of San Lotano Cigars S.A. It's one of the newest cigars on the market. Guy Fieri, a Celebraty in the restaurant Industry that is also a Cigar Lover, Team up with Erik Espinosa to recreate this tasty cigar blend.