Caldwell Long Live The King By AJ Fernandez


When it comes to Nicaraguan cigar excellence, AJ Fernandez stands out as a third-generation cigarmaker that has masterfully crafted some of the most acclaimed lines in the industry. His virtuoso talents have seen him praised far and wide for his expertly designed cigars!

AJ Fernandez and Robert Caldwell, two expert blenders, have joined forces to create the Nicaraguan interpretation of Caldwell's beloved Long Live the King blend. This new cigar brand is sure to delight enthusiasts everywhere!

Crafted to perfection, the original Caldwell Long Live the King cigar is renowned for its rich complexity and full-bodied nutty flavors. When you take a puff of this divine smoke, your palate will be tantalized with flavors of dark chocolate, burnt toffee, leathery notes, and peppery spices intertwined with an exquisite hint of sweetness.

Caldwell Cigar - Awaited Cigar Collaboration

Robert Caldwell and AJ Fernandez may be perceived as each other's competition, but the two recognize that collaboration is paramount for producing cigars of excellent quality. This was proven when they joined forces to create The Caldwell cigar The T which quickly skyrocketed in popularity with cigar enthusiasts worldwide. When AJ expressed interest in revamping some of Robert's classic blends with Nicaraguan tobaccos, he gave him the green light without a second thought. By joining together their unique perspectives and skill sets, these blenders have ushered forth an entirely new realm of possibilities for all smokers alike!

Caldwell Long Live the King is Dead - Milk Chocolate Brown Color

AJ Fernandez's Long Live the King is an impressive feat of cigar-crafting, swapping out its Dominican wrapper, binder, and fillers for a full-bodied yet smooth blend made with some of AJ’s rarest Nicaraguan leaf, especially the milk chocolate brown color wrapper that makes this cigar very attractive to the eye. These cigars are rich in tobacco flavor, and flawless construction - layers of toast, cedar, spice, and leather coat your palate before giving way to a zesty finish that will linger long after you take the last puff. Make sure to grab these sticks while they're still around; we can only hope this won't be their last collaboration!

Cigar Especifications

This Nicaraguan Habano-wrapped cigar offers a full-bodied experience that will last for about 80 minutes. It's available in four sizes, so you can select the perfect smoke to suit your preference. Choose from 6 x 60 Gordo, 6x 44 Lonsdale, 5 x 50 Robusto and 6 x 50 Toro – all crafted with 100% Nicaraguan binder and filler!

As you take a puff of the LLTK AJF, flavors of cedar, hay and red pepper flake filled your palate. A hint of earthy undertones could be discerned as well. On retrohaling this cigar, it will left you with an unmistakable peppery finish that lingered on for quite some time!

Caldwell cigars

Created in 2014 as “a business built on friendship and fun”, Caldwell and his cohorts have enjoyed a meteoric rise, owing to their expertly aged tobaccos and complex bends that provide year-over-year consistency in flavor and experience.

The limited-edition Caldwell Long Live the King by AJ is manufactured with exceptional care and detail at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez. Only 250 boxes of 25 cigars were made, so get your box while supplies last! This exquisite cigar is sure to become a prized collectible item in no time - just like its namesake king. Hurry now before they disappear forever!