Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba


Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba A Legacy of Cuban Immigrants

The Casa Cuba Cigar is an Arturo Fuente brand cigar that is unique because it does not bear the family name. It was blended by the late Carlos Fuente Sr., who played a key role in expanding the family business in the 1950s.

Cuban Tobacco and Time-Honored Traditions

It has been many years since he last blended a cigar, but he has done so now. The cigar is made with Cuban-seed Dominican fillers and binder, and he used the same techniques that he learned from his father Don Arturo when blending Cuban tobacco in world famous cigar town, Ybor City, Tampa.

Ecuadorian Havana wrapper tobacco

The cigar has a rich blend and is enclosed by an Ecuador Havana wrapper. The sizes of the cigar are named after Cuban dominoes. This high-quality cigar will remind you of the authentic Cuban Cigar experience from the past of cigar making.

The late Carlos Sr. used traditional methods passed down from his father, Arturo Fuente, to create it.

Arturo Fuente Cigar - Thriving cigar industry

The blend is made using an Ecuadorian Havana wrapper, combined with Cuban-seed Dominican-grown long filler and binder. The blending process follows the same techniques that Carlos Sr. used to blend Cuban tobacco in his younger days.

The Casa Cuba is a top-notch cigar from the world-famous Fuente brand, which also produces other well-known tobacco products like OpusX and Hemingway. Unlike some cigars that try to impress reviewers, the Casa Cuba uses traditional cigar-making methods and delivers classic Havana flavors. Its design is also very classic and old-school, cedar boxes and each box contains an unusual quantity of 30 cigars.

Although it's not widely recognized, the flavor of this cigar is exceptional and worth trying.

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