Aging Room Small Batch Pelo de Oro


Rafael Nodal is one of those type of people that when you meet them, you will love them and would love to work with them. AJ Fernandez is one of those type of people that when you meet him, you say, WOW! You don't expect that much knowledge in a younger generation as AJ Fernandez is. So I guess there was a magnetism between them both and putting together their expertise was like a miraculous coming thru.

So it doesn't matter how difficult and temperamental Pelo de Oro is. Or how susceptible to mold and diseases this tobacco leave is, because when a Farmer like AJ Fernandez put his care into it, then you get the best results there are. And the Aging Room Small Batch Pelo de Oro is born. This is the latest just released cigar by Boutique Blends.

AJ Fernandez has been cultivating his Cuban heritage at his farm in Nicaragua. He has become an authentic and wise creator of the best fermented tobacco in Nicaragua. Pelo de Oro, wish translated to Golden hair, is a cuban seed that have immigrated in small portions with a more creative and aggressive Cuban generation that came to the latin America and America in the past 15 years. Looking for better ways to grow tobacco and yet experienced and strong will.

Pelo de Oro is now one of the most look after tobacco in the market nowadays and Rafael Nodal is always excited to get his hands in rare, hard to find cigars to experiment with new blends. Following Rafael Nodal's passion for the music, the new Aging Room Small Batch Pelo de Oro cigar will be released in only one size that hi called The Scherzo. The retail price will be at a $13.90 single cigar with a size of 5 1/2 by 55. Like a different Robusto with a closing Pigtail.

Aging Room Small Batch Pelo de Oro Schezo is the first one to be made by AJ Fernandez for Boutique Blends. This is a Limited Edition cigar that is now available at Cuenca Cigars. If you can get your hands on it, you better get them while they last!