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1502 Nicaragua Cigars The Best Nicaraguan Puro

The 1502 Nicaragua is an addition to the 1502 Cigars Brands. Added in 2015 to the 1502 Portfolio of Cigar brands, this Nicaraguan Puro is here to stay. The Cigars are a homage to Enrique Sanches's hometown, which Christopher Columbus discovered in 1502. The line features a covered foot and a blend of premium tobaccos from the Volcanic solid of Condega, Esteli, Jalapa, and Ometepe. Tobacco regions from Nicaragua are known for their flavorful tobacco.

1502 Nicaragua is a medium to full-bodied cigar, rated an 89, but it truly feels like a 90+ when you taste it; this line fits right in with the 1502 Emerald and Ruby as a medium plus, with honey and vanilla aromas with citrus notes and cedar with a tiny bit of apple the 1502 Nicaragua is the final creation of the 1502 series. The cigars are available in our Cigar Shop all year long!

1502 Nicaragua Tobacco Blend

The 1502 Nicaragua are composed of the Fillers of the central growing regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Condega, Jalapa, and Ometepe, blend in with a rare Nicaraguan Binder and finally wrapped with an also Nicaraguan wrapper. These Handmade Cigars are exquisite and cigar aficionados' favorites!

1502 Nicaraguan are 100% Best Nicaraguan premium tobacco

Enrique Sanchez Icaza from Global Premium Cigars, created this blend in only two sizes, both being box pressed in a wooden vintage Natural White box, each with a different set Robusto in a group of 30 and Churchill in a group of 20:

  • Robusto cigars
  • Churchill cigars
  • Look for them also in Single Cigars Online!

Premium Handmade Cigars

These premium handmade cigars are unique. 1502 Nicaraguan is available online at and in our Brick & Mortar Cigar store. Stop Today and ask for 1502 Cigars. You won't regret it!

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A FAQ Page 1502 nicaragua

A Nicaraguan cigar is a cigar made out of tobacco grown in Nicaragua. This small Central American country is one of the leading producers of premium cigar tobacco globally, along with neighboring countries Honduras and the Dominican Republic. In the last 10 years, Nicaragua has moved from third to second place to grow tobacco leaves for cigar production.
A Nicaraguan cigar is an exquisite cigar used for smoking made entirely of hand-selected tobacco leaves. These extremely fragrant, spicy cigars are typically dark brown and are known for their tasty woody flavor notes, including graham cracker, nougat, black pepper, and leather.
The Nicaraguan region has the perfect conditions for growing tobacco because the soil on this particular land is extremely fertile. The tobacco from this region can be described as sweet yet spicy upon first lighting up a cigar.
1502 Nicaragua cigars are available in two exclusive sizes: Robusto 5 X 50 and Churchill 7 X 48.
Some cigars from Nicaragua are strong, but not all of them. If you are using the word strong to describe the taste, then you are on the wrong context. Why? Because the taste of a cigar is more related to the type of tobacco used in the making. Nicaraguans’ cigars usually use Nicaraguan wrapper and filler tobacco that provide a variety of flavors. It all depends on the region, soil and type of fermentations.