Tatuaje Mexican Experiment


The new shipment of the yearly release Tatuaje Mexican Experiment has landed. This year includes the version of a unique blend that will become a Regular Production line. One that follows after the Mexican Experiment and it’s named MEII. The regular production cigar packs in wooden boxes. 

Also, the yearly release of the four sizes, bundles only, Tatuaje Mexican Experiment 2019 version, has arrived and is, as usual, a limited edition that you should grab immediately. The total of eight brand new Tatuaje cigars with Mexican San Andrés wrappers are available at Cuenca Cigars now.

Both lines use the same essential blend components: A Mexican San Andrés wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. We all know how Pete Jonhson like to spice up his blends with a subtle and sophisticated tweak. So expect two different and distinct profiles that will explode your flavor profile! The Mexican Experiment project stared back in 2012.