Alec Bradley Connecticut

Warmly greet Alec Bradley Connecticut.

While the name may sound generic, this flavorful cigar is anything but. Despite its pleasing and mild body, it has abundant rich and exciting flavors. The Ecuadorian shade wrapper lends itself to a smooth, medium-bodied swoon-ridden journey of creamy coolness, almost like a palette caress as nutty, toasty cedar notes make themselves heard before finishing with subtle notes of sweetness.

Medium Bodied Cigars 90-plus-rated.

If you're on the hunt for a 90-plus-rated Connecticut cigar that's full of flavor, you've come to the right place. When it comes to taste, Alec Bradley Connecticut receives accolades from giants in the industry with its respectable rating designation of 90 points or higher and glowing reviews across the board due to its complex nuances and pleasant finish. All in all, Alec Bradley Connecticut ticks all the boxes when it comes to taste and quality — giving anyone looking for a medium-bodied smoke that packs intense flavor justification to purchase it and enjoy it in luxurious bliss. Enjoy the Luxury of Alec Bradley Connecticut - 90-Plus-Rated Medium Bodied Cigars