Dunbarton Tobacco Sin Compromiso

The Outstanding Sin Compromiso from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

The company's philosophy is Sin Compromiso, or "Without Compromise," and it serves as the foundation for everything they do.

The Sin Compromiso Cigar

From the delicate handling of the treasured tobacco leaves to the artisanal skills of the torcedors, this unique cigar combines the best of everything.

Cigar Blend

The blend is complex, smooth, and powerful at the same time. A mesmerizing and enticing smoke for even the most seasoned palette.

Tasting Notes

At its base lies an inherent sweet and savory spice, with aromas of cacao, loam, espresso, and even chicory hidden deep in its layers.


  • Selección No.7 7.00 x 56 Parejo
  • Selección Varita Mágica 7.00 x 44 Parejo
  • Selección No.2 6.00 x 52 Torpedo
  • Selección No.5 6.00 x 54 Parejo
  • Selección Intrépido 5.63 x 46 Parejo

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