Drew Estate BOTL


Drew Estate has created these Limited Edition Cigars to bring attention to the Online Group that called themselves BOTL Brothers or Brother of the Leaf. emphasizes love for the Leaf, one true passion: Tobacco. They captured the true spirit and real passion we, cigar smokers, share for our beloved cigar culture. The online community is also a learning experience. These groups are mighty about cigars. They gather together to smoke and exchange cigars. They usually like smaller sizes, hence why these cigars only come in three smaller sizes. The first release made in 2019 was brought back in 2020. Drew Estate Brothers Of The Leaf is a Limited Edition exclusive to Diplomat Accounts. The blend is compound of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Ecuadorian Connecticut binder and long-fillers tobaccos from Nicaragua as fillers. These cigars produced in La Gran Fabrica de Drew Estate under the supervision of Willy Herrera.

Which tobacco is best for cigars?

Piloto tobacco is renowned for its rich flavor and robust aroma. Similar to the mash bill in straight bourbon whiskey, the composition and quality of Piloto tobacco are meticulously crafted, ensuring a perfect blend of leaves for an exceptional smoking experience. This tobacco is primarily grown in the Dominican Republic and is known for its full-bodied profile.

The unique soil and climate conditions in the Dominican Republic contribute to the distinctive characteristics of Piloto tobacco. The leaves are carefully harvested and aged to develop their complex flavors, making them a favorite among cigar aficionados.

What are BotL cigars in beloved cigar culture?

All cigar geeks are welcome to join this website. The BOTL cigar has a broadleaf cover, Ecuadorian Connecticut binder, and Nicaraguan filler. These cigars are finished to enhance their flavor profile, similar to how bourbon whiskey is aged in toasted French Oak casks. Typically BOTL comes in four sizes, Corona Gordea and Lancero.

What leaf is used in cigars?

Leaf from the tobacco plant can be found in a particular area of cigar manufacturing and is named “Ligero Viso Seco Volada” and “Medio Tiempo”. The craftsmanship involved in selecting and preparing these leaves is akin to the expertise of skilled coopers who handcraft toasted French Oak casks at Kelvin Cooperage in Louisville, KY. June 26th, 2018.