Warzone Cigars


Meet Warzone Cigars, a rare collaboration between General Cigars and Erik Espinosa.

In a first time very unique cigar collaboration between two well know cigar authorities come Warzone Cigars. Featuring a dark African Cameroon wrapper, from General Cigars Co. large inventory of aged premium tobaccos. These rare cigars are made for the avid cigar aficionado in the search of tasty premium quality tobaccos. Erik Espinosa which is known for his Espinosa Cigars has put together his premium blending knowledge and hand crafted this 10 years blend at his La Zona Factory in Esteli Nicaragua.

Warzone Cigars

The Warzone Cigars are masterly blended to express the Cuban sentiment of a war that lasted a decade when Cuba fought for its independency from Spain. The cigars are well balanced and tasty, also elegantly packaged in old fashion tobacco style with beautiful Art Work. The Cameroon wrapper blended over premium Honduran Binders and fillers from Nicaraguan and Colombian Tobaccos, the last a rarity and hard to find premium tobaccos.

Cigar Blend

According to Erik Espinosa he had an extremely hard time finding Cameron Wrapped Cigars that he actually enjoy. He was in a search of some sort of tasty Full bodied cigars. He finally found his winner at this Warzone Cigars. In a collaboration between Team La Zona that also included Erik Jr., and Hector Alfonso from Espinosa Cigars and Justin Andrews from General Cigars they were able to bring this project to life.

Tasting Notes

These handmade cigars have notes of milk chocolate and an almost entirely lack of oil. Flavors of leather, cedar and slight vanilla are also found in the retro healing and palate tasting. The Cameroon wrapper delivers some sweetness and spice to it. In general a very interesting flavor profile.


  • Robusto 5 1/2 x 52
  • Toro 6 x 52

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