HVC Vieja Cosecha No 2


Handcrafted in Honduras, the HVC Vieja Cosecha No. 2 provides medium body and bold flavor to ambitious cigar aficionados everywhere. A Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper and binder are filled with Nicaragua-grown tobacco, creating a zesty complexity that lingers on your palate with an enduring finish. Enjoy this cigar on the rocks or with your favorite Scotch. Try the HVC Vieja Cosecha No. 2 and savor a moment of pure bliss.

Rich Sweetness of HVC Cigars

Immerse yourself in the unique flavor of HVC Vieja Cosecha #2 Limited Edition- a Nicaraguan puro that exudes heavenly medium to full-bodied flavors including pepper, earthiness, and cedar. This cigar is skillfully rolled with five year aged AGANORSA leaf tobaccos featuring a Criollo 98 wrapper covering an all Nicaragua binder and filler composition; these are produced exclusively in limited batches (200 boxes containing 20 cigars each), so you can't let this opportunity pass through your fingers! Make sure to snatch some if ever encountered!

HVC Vieja Cosecha - Old Tobaccos

The decadent HVC Vieja Cosecha is enveloped with a beautiful Criollo 98 wrapper, providing an opulent sweetness that culminates in a harmoniously balanced finish. Regrettably, this luxurious cigar's limited availability restricts supplies to only once per year and in restricted quantities.

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