My Father La Opulencia


Enjoy the Creamy and Smooth Flavors of La Opulencia Cigars

Opulence is correlated with abundance, luxury, and wealth. My Father Cigars kept that idea in mind when developing La Opulencia Cigars. Enjoy the Opulent Flavour of My Father La Opulencia Cigars.

The cigar features an opulent Mexican Rosado Oscuro wrapper. It's filled with flavorful Nicaraguan filler tobaccos — Criollo and Corojo. The fillers are a combination of various Cuban seed tobaccos that are proprietary to the My Father Cigar Company. 

Experience a Rich and Bold Smoke

La Opulencia includes elements from the Le Bijou and original My Father cigars. You'll notice hints of the below flavors:

  • Cream 
  • Cocoa
  • Leather

The cigar received a 95-point rating. It was also named the #2 top cigar in 2018. Each puff gets balanced with subtle top notes and a mid-palate oakiness. 

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