El Galan Natural Semilla Cubana

El Galan Natural Semilla Cubana is a new line from Aroma de Vuelta Abajo, a Miami based distribution and manufacturing company. Master blended by Felix A. Mesa or El Guajiro, as affectionately we call him, made these cigars in his own factory El Galan Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper of this cigar is a Cuban Seed Ecuadorian and comes packaged in boxes of 24 cigars each. El Galan Semilla Cubana is a medium bodied smoke and reminds you of a Cuban Cigar. You can now buy El Galan Semilla Cubana cigars at Cuenca Cigars online.

The term "El Guajiro" refers to a male Cuban from the countryside but also it is synonym of Cuban Tradition, Hospitality, it is a Cuban lifestyle of simple and hard working people, the ones directly related to the country and the ones that produce everything that the Cuban soil can produce. Somehow, this young men, remind us every day our roots. He is kind of a lost generation, the one generation that make Cuban a great country.