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Exploring the Ozgener Family Cigars Bosphorus B55 Cigar

Prepare to embark on a journey through the world of fine cigars, as we delve into the rich history and expert craftsmanship of Ozgener Family Cigars. In this exploration, we will uncover the story behind the exquisite Bosphorus B55 cigar, a testament to the Ozgener family's Turkish heritage and dedication to superior quality.

Short Summary

  • Tim Ozgener's cigar brand, 'Bosphorus', honors his Turkish roots and celebrates traditional craftsmanship.

  • The Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar is carefully crafted with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, dual binder and Nicaraguan fillers.

  • Cuenca Cigars offers a wide selection of premium cigars along with award-winning customer service for the discerning enthusiast to enjoy their Ozgener Bosphorus B55 experience.

The Legacy of Tim Ozgener and Family Cigars

Tim Ozgener is the son of Cano Aret Ozgener, founder of CAO. He has created his own niche in the cigar industry by launching Ozgener Family Cigars under the Crowned Heads umbrella. As a co-founder and leader of CAO Cigars, Tim played a pivotal role in the success of their unique cigar blending and packaging. After a 12-year hiatus, Tim returned to the cigar business driven by the ambition to create a brand that honors his family's Turkish roots and perpetuates the tradition of excellent cigar making.

The Bosphorus cigar brand is a tribute to Tim's family heritage, symbolizing the Bosphorus Strait, which divides Europe and Asia. This exceptional brand has garnered recognition and acclaim, standing as a testament to Tim's dedication to crafting premium cigars that honor his ancestry.

Legendary Cigar Crafter

Tim Ozgener's return to the cigar industry after a 12-year intermission marked the continuation of his legacy as a legendary cigar crafter. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Tim is credited with creating some of the most iconic cigars in the world, such as the globally recognized CAO cigars, the CAO B52 and the CAO B55.

Inspired by the success of his son's cigar company, Ozgener Family Cigars, Tim sought to create a brand that would venerate his family's Turkish roots. The result is the Ozgener Bosphorus brand, a premium cigar made with a blend of Ecuadorian Connecticut and Nicaraguan filler leaves.

Bosphorus Cigar Brand Honors

The Ozgener Family Cigars has recently been awarded two esteemed honors: the 2022 New Company of the Year Award from Tobacco Business Magazine and the 2022 Best Cigar of the Year Award from Cigar & Spirits Magazine for their Bosphorus B56 cigar, which is often sold in a box of 20.

The Bosphorus cigar is a vibrant tribute to Tim Ozgener's parents, both born in Turkey. This cigar has a dark Ecuadorian Sumatra covering. A double blend of Ecuadorian Connecticut and Nicaraguan bound together. The fillers are reinforced with Nicaraguan tobacco. This exquisite blend delivers a medium-plus body with intriguing flavors that gradually develop through a cool smoking experience.

The Making of Ozgener Bosphorus B55 Cigars

Tim Ozgener and family cigars, Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan filler

The crafting process of the Bosphorus B55 cigar is a meticulous blend of art and precision. The B55's center contains an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It is comprised of a dual binder - one from Ecuadorian Connecticut, the other from Jalapa, Nicaragua - and fillers from Estel, Jalapa, and Ometepe in Nicaragua.

The manufacturing procedure entails harvesting tobacco, rolling the filler, binder, and wrapper into a tube, affixing a wrapper, severing the cigar from the main roll, trimming it, and giving it a final inspection before packaging and dispatching it to retailers, helping to grow CAO's legacy.

Ecuadorian Connecticut

An image of Ozgener family cigars' Ecuadorian Connecticut blend, featuring a smooth and creamy taste.

Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers are known for their light color and delicate texture, making them a popular choice for cigar enthusiasts seeking a mild and flavorful cigar. These wrappers are cultivated in Ecuador and are renowned for their sweet and creamy profile, accompanied by toasty notes of leather, cedar, and a hint of pepper.

In the Bosphorus B55 cigar, the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper plays a crucial role in the overall flavor profile. Its light hue, thin structure, and even burn, along with its sweet and creamy flavor profile with toasty notes of leather, cedar, and a hint of pepper, make it an integral component of the cigar's unique taste.

Nicaraguan Leaves

Nicaraguan leaves, cultivated in the fertile regions of Nicaragua, are celebrated for their full-bodied, earthy, and spicy flavor profile. With subtle hints of leather, chocolate, and pepper, these leaves are sought after by cigar aficionados worldwide.

In the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar, the combination of Nicaraguan leaves with the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper produces a distinct and intricate flavor profile. The Ozgener family's choice of Nicaraguan leaves highlights their dedication to crafting a premium cigar that offers a complex and satisfying smoking experience.

Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia Limited Edition 2022

Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia Limited Edition 2022, dual binder, grow CAO

The Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia Limited Edition 2022 is a special limited-edition cigar crafted with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. This one-of-a-kind blend provides subtle and enduring flavors, making it a must-try for cigar connoisseurs.

In the Pi Synesthesia Limited Edition 2022, you can expect to find notes of toasted cashews and charred wood, offering a nuanced and long-lasting flavor experience that sets it apart from other cigars on the market.

Crowned Heads Collaboration

Crowned Heads collaboration, exclusive blends

The Crowned Heads Collaboration is a partnership between Crowned Heads and other cigar companies, such as Drew Estate and Altadis U.S.A., with the intent to create unique and exclusive blends of cigars that are not attainable elsewhere.

This collaboration has been successful in producing distinctive and exclusive varieties of cigars that cigar aficionados have favorably regarded.

Exclusive Blends

The exclusive blends of the Crowned Heads Collaboration are meticulously crafted by the world's two most distinguished cigar makers, Willy Herrera and Jon Huber. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, they have crafted some of the world's most unique and sought-after cigars.

The process of creating these exclusive blends involves careful blending and tasting, ensuring each blend meets the highest standards of quality. The result is a range of cigars that offer unparalleled flavor and craftsmanship, making them a prized possession for any cigar enthusiast.

Where to Buy Ozgener Bosphorus B55 Cigars

For those looking to experience the exquisite flavor and craftsmanship of the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar, Cuenca Cigars offers a selection of these premium cigars for purchase. With their award-winning customer service and a wide variety of the most sought-after cigars on the market, Cuenca Cigars is the ideal source for any cigar enthusiast.

Cuenca Cigars Offers

Cigar enthusiasts enjoying a Bosphorus B55 cigar, box of 20

Information about specific offers for the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigars at Cuenca Cigars is available; purchasing from this online retailer ensures access to a wide range of premium cigars. Their exceptional customer service and commitment to providing the best cigars on the market make them a top choice for any cigar enthusiast.

Tips for Enjoying Your Ozgener Bosphorus B55 Cigar

To truly appreciate the intricate flavors and craftsmanship of the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar, it is essential to take the time to savor the experience. Pay attention to the burn line to ensure even burning, which allows the flavors to develop appropriately.

When it comes to pairing the Bosphorus B55 cigar with a beverage, opt for something that offers a harmonious mixture of savory and sweet flavors. This will complement the cigar's medium-full flavor profile, which includes notes of wood, charred wood, black pepper, cedar, earth, and dark roast coffee.


In conclusion, the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar is a testament to the rich history and expert craftsmanship of the Ozgener family. From its inception under the guidance of Tim Ozgener to its unique blend of Ecuadorian Connecticut and Nicaraguan leaves, the Bosphorus B55 cigar offers a complex and satisfying smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or new to the world of premium cigars, the Ozgener Bosphorus B55 cigar is sure to leave a lasting impression and inspire a deeper appreciation for the art of cigar making.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tim Ozgener, the founder of Ozgener Family Cigars, is the son of the late Cano Ozgener. Cigar enthusiasts recognize Cano Ozgener as the founder of CAO, which he later sold. Following the sale of CAO, he established OZ Arts, an art institute in the previous CAO headquarters in Nashville. Besides running OZ Arts, Ozgener was also an active painter. He died in 2018.

In 2022 when Tim Ozgener returned to the cigar business, he released two lines: the Bosphorus B55 cigar and the Limited Edition Pi Synesthesia, both available online at

Cano Ozgener started his career in the cigar industry with CAO International, which General Cigars later bought. CAO is respected in the cigar community for its superior quality and innovative standards. Tim Ozgener is now following in his father's footsteps with his own company, Ozgener Family Cigars, as a tribute to his father's legacy.