Cohiba Nicaragua


Exploring the Richness of Cohiba Nicaragua

Welcome to the world of Cohiba Nicaragua, where the rich volcanic soils of Estelí and Jalapa come together to create a bold, unique blend that redefines the smoking experience. As we embark on this journey, prepare to uncover the secrets and story behind this highly sought-after cigar and discover what makes it stand out among the finest creations of the renowned Cohiba brand.

Cohiba Nicaragua Cigars mark the Cohiba brand's shift from Dominican puro to Nicaraguan puro. Their first Nicaraguan cigars are created from well-aged Nicaraguan long-fillers leaves from Jalapa and Esteli, bound with a Nicaraguan binder also sourced from Jalapa. All of these are then enveloped in a dark brown Sun Grown Colorado Oscuro wrapper. The fusion of these unique tobaccos results in a medium to full-bodied cigar packed with intricate flavors. As you smoke, you can detect notes of cedar, leather, and pepper, leading to a gratifying and delightful experience. Cohiba Nicaragua Cigars come in three sizes: Toro (5.5"x54), Gordo (4.0"x45), and Robusto (6.0"x60). To purchase these Nicaraguan puros at the most competitive online prices, place your order here at Cuenca Cigars.

Key Takeaways

  • Cohiba Nicaragua offers a smooth, strong and bold tasting cigar with robust flavors of leather, creaminess and baking spice.

  • Cohiba aesthetic appeal comes from its oily wrapper and dark Colorado Oscuro leaf while size options provide different smoking experiences.

  • Cohiba flavor profile is complex yet rewarding for the palate with notes of cedar, pepper sweetness, spices & malts, making them a worthwhile investment for cigar enthusiasts.

Journey into Cohiba's Nicaraguan Adventure

A box of Cohiba cigars non Cuban Cigar

The Cohiba name, synonymous with premium cigars, has ventured into Nicaragua, producing a remarkable blend using the finest leaves from the volcanic soils of Estelí and Jalapa. This new blend, the Cohiba Nicaragua, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of cigars, following the legacy of its origin at El Laguito.

Cohiba cigars originated in Cuba, initially produced for Fidel Castro and other high-ranking Cuban officials. Yet, an intriguing turn of events saw the origins of the brand transition into Nicaraguan cigar production in 1970. This came about when Padrón relocated his production to Nicaragua, cultivating tobacco from Cuban seed. This move was necessitated by exiled cigar makers being compelled to leave Cuba. Today, the non-Cuban versions of Cohiba cigars are produced by the General Cigar Company.

What accounts for the smoothness of Cohiba from Cuba is Avelino Lara’s triple-fermentation method, with the final stage involving resting the leaves in oak barrels.

Avelino Lara, born in Havana on March 20, 1921, dedicated his entire life to the prestigious cigar industry. Mastering the art of a torcedore from a young age, he became renowned as Fidel Castro's personal roller, showcasing his exceptional skills at the El Laguito Factory near Havana for Habanos SA. There, he crafted exquisite blends for renowned brands like Cohiba and Davidoff, solidifying his reputation as a true connoisseur of the craft.

After retiring from El Laguito in 1996, Lara made the strategic move to Nassau, where he skillfully crafted cigars at the prestigious Graycliff Restaurant. The overwhelming success of his creations led to the official establishment of the Graycliff Cigar Company, dedicated to showcasing and distributing his masterpieces. Avelino, whose remarkable journey concluded in October 2009, left an indelible legacy. Today, his unwavering passion for cigars lives on through his son, Abel, and the talented torcedores at the renowned Graycliff Cigar Company.

This process results in a smooth blend and is a characteristic of Cuban cigars. With the Cohiba Nicaragua, the brand has crafted a masterpiece that showcases the best of Nicaraguan tobacco, combining strength, character, and a bold taste reminiscent of the Cuban Cohiba cigars.

Unwrapping the Cohiba Nicaragua Experience

A Cohiba cigar being unwrapped

With its Sun Grown Colorado Oscuro wrapper lending it a rich, milk chocolate hue, the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar is certainly a captivating sight. This exquisite wrapper contributes to a full flavor profile, similar to those found in cigars from the Dominican Republic.

Beneath the stunning wrapper lie Nicaraguan long-fillers from Jalapa and Estelí. These contribute strength, character, and a bold taste to the unique flavor of the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar. These leaves are hand-selected and crafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations of artisans, reflecting the meticulous process used for the Cohiba Behike.

The Cohiba Nicaragua cigar is renowned for its robust flavors, consisting of notes of leather, creaminess, and baking spice, coupled with a rich tobacco smoke aroma. This bold and satisfying taste sets it apart from other Cohiba cigars and is highly sought-after by connoisseurs of Nicaraguan cigars.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality of Cohiba Nicaragua

A Cohiba Nicaragua side to side Cohiba Behike, late Fidel Castro favorite cigar from Cuba

The Cohiba Nicaragua cigar impresses with its aesthetic appeal, exhibiting a smooth, oily wrapper and an attractive band, as every Cohiba reveals. The darker wrapper of the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar, with its dark chocolate hue, has a shiny, oily finish, which is a hallmark of Cohiba's competition with the famous Cuban cigar brand.

The cigar’s dark, oily appearance is courtesy of the Sun Grown Colorado Oscuro wrapper, which also adds a layer of richness and flavor to its refined overall presentation.

Size Options

Cohiba Nicaragua cigars come in various sizes, catering to a wide range of preferences. The available sizes include Eduardo Ribera-approved options such as Robusto N50 En Crystale (5”x50), Toro N54 (5.25”x54), Gigante N60 (6”x60), and Pequeños (4”3/16 * 36). The size of the cigar can influence the smoking experience in terms of burn time, draw and smoke output, flavor intensity, and strength. For instance, the N45 (4 inches by 45 ring gauge) may provide a shorter smoking time and a milder flavor profile, while the N60 (6 inches by 60 ring gauge) may offer a longer smoking time and a potentially fuller-bodied experience.

The flavors of Cohiba Nicaragua cigars remain consistent across all sizes, renowned for their creamy, nutty, and maple sweetness with subtle hints of cocoa, citrus, and leather. These cigars possess a medium to full flavor profile and offer a balanced taste experience appreciated by many aficionados.

Assessing the Cohiba Nicaragua's Smoke

Commanding a well-deserved 91 rating, the Cohiba Nicaragua delivers a medium to full-bodied smoke, showcasing very good to excellent quality. With an even draw and burn, the cigar ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, a testament to the craftsmanship of the cigar and the proper lighting techniques employed by the smoker.

An even draw and burn are achieved through a combination of several factors, which encompass proper lighting techniques, refraining from drawing too frequently or smoking too hard, and the cigar’s well-rolled construction. The Cohiba Nicaragua cigar exemplifies these qualities, ensuring a consistently enjoyable smoking experience.

The smoking experience of Cohiba Nicaragua cigars is characterized by:

  • A medium to full-bodied smoke

  • A smooth texture

  • A sweet finish Notable flavors include:

  • Sweet tobacco

  • Cedar

  • Cocoa The aroma is described as a combination of tobacco and earth. This cigar is highly rated and provides a unique blend of Nicaraguan leaf, setting it apart from other cigars in its class.

Flavor Profile

Offering a complex flavor profile, the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar includes notes of cedar, leather, and pepper, all culminating in a sweet, fruity finish. The volcanic soils of Estelí and Jalapa add a unique dimension to the cigar’s flavor, with Estelí contributing a spicy note and Jalapa imparting sweetness and aroma to the blend.

The cigar is also renowned for its distinct spices, such as baking spice, peppery spice, and warm spice. These flavors meld beautifully with the cigar’s other notes, creating a rich, satisfying, and well-rounded smoking experience.

The Cohiba Nicaragua cigar starts with red pepper and a variety mix of malts, transitioning to wood, pepper, leather, and cedar with a lot of sweetness. The retrohale is notably peppery with a cedar finish. Additionally, cedar, grass, raisins, and molasses are all present, providing a complex flavor profile and a full-bodied experience that leaves smokers craving more.

Cohiba Nicaragua: A Worthwhile Investment?

Priced at $105.99 and boasting a 4.79 product rating, the Cohiba Nicaragua, with its rich, bold, and satisfying smoking experience, might be considered a sound investment by cigar enthusiasts. The price range of Cohiba Nicaragua cigars for sale can vary depending on size and retailer, ranging from $1.64 to $27.29 per cigar.

Opinions regarding Cohiba Nicaragua’s price-value ratio are divided, with some individuals deeming the price disproportionate to the value, while others consider it a worthwhile investment. Investing in a box of Cohiba Nicaragua cigars may offer financial benefits, as the longer you buy and keep them, the more valuable they can become. By opting to purchase a premium box of cigars and holding onto them for a few years, you may be able to sell them at a higher price, potentially generating a profit.

Regardless of the market and differing opinions on the price-value ratio, one thing is clear: the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar offers a unique and satisfying smoking experience that has garnered high ratings and appreciation from cigar enthusiasts worldwide.


In conclusion, the Cohiba Nicaragua cigar, a non-Cuban blend of tobacco from General Cigar Company, is a testament to the Cohiba Cigars brand’s own history and commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of cigars. With its rich, bold flavor profile, visually appealing wrapper, and various size options, this cigar caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring a suitable option for every cigar enthusiast. The Cohiba Cigars, although not Cuban, hold their own and have nothing to be envious of when compared to the globally recognized Cuban Cohiba. The Cuban Government now has a worthy competitor in the form of Cohibas produced in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

As you embark on your own journey with Cohiba Nicaragua, may you discover the unique blend of Nicaraguan leaves and the unparalleled smoking experience that has won the hearts of aficionados worldwide. Here’s to many enjoyable moments with this truly remarkable cigar.



Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a Cohiba Cigar from Nicaragua or its Dominican Republic equivalent is priced at around $25-$30. This is still a more budget-friendly option compared to the Cohibas produced under the supervision of the Cuban Government. The Cohiba name continues to be one of the most highly coveted trademarks in the cigar industry.

Cohiba Nicaragua is an excellent cigar, having recently been honored with a 91 rating and praised for its white pepper and cumin notes leading to a bold coffee bean character. It also has a dark, oily profile and burns evenly.

Generally, a Cohiba Cigar from Nicaragua or its Dominican Republic equivalent is priced at around $25-$30. This is still a more budget-friendly option compared to the Cohibas produced under the supervision of the Cuban Government. The Cohiba name continues to be one of the most highly coveted trademarks in the cigar industry.

Cohiba Nicaragua is a full-bodied, dark, and oily cigar with notes of white pepper and cumin, along with a bold coffee bean character leading to a sweet, fruity finish. A remarkable smoke from General Cigar that truly deserves its 91 rating.

The Cohiba Nicaragua cigar stands out thanks to its distinct blend of hand-selected leaves from Estelí and Jalapa, coupled with a Sun Grown Colorado Oscuro wrapper, providing a rich, flavorful smoking experience.