My Father El Centurion

My Father El Centurion Cigars are creation of one of the most revered cigar personality, Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia. He released this line as a limited edition series first but now made available for all time. Meticulously aged and fermented Nicaraguan tobaccos are used to craft this blend which is medium to full in body. This is kind of departure for Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia who is otherwise known for making full bodied powerful cigars. The long aged tobaccos impart a rich aroma and long satisfying finish to these cigars. These cigars provide a mellow series of complex, smooth flavors with notes of leather and little spice. The sizes available for these El Centurion Cigars are Belicoso (5.5"x54), Robusto (5.7"x50), Toro (6.2"x52) and Toro Grande (Gordo) (6.5"x58). To enjoy the flavorful taste of these cigars place an order now at Cuenca Cigars at an attractive price.