Oliva Serie V Melanio Natural


Oliva Serie V Melanio Natural Cigars, the latest edition of the highly acclaimed Serie V brand, is a tribute to the founding father of the Oliva family of tobaccos, Don Melanio Oliva. The puro is dressed in a Mexican wrapper, cloaking a blend of perfectly fermented Nicaraguan Habano binder and filler. Oliva Serie V Melanio is full-bodied with hints of leather, coffee, caramel, and wood. Cigar Aficionado 2014 Best Cigars of the Year has awarded the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado Top 1.

Oliva Cigar Company handmade the Oliva Serie V Melanio Natural is a cigar that builds upon the popularity of the Oliva Serie V Cigars. It is named after Melanio Oliva, the first member to grow tobacco in Cuba. This cigar features a perfectly placed Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper that encases a blend of well-aged Nicaraguan tobacco.

Melanio Oliva Serie in Natural is available in six different sizes: Serie V Melanio Churchill 7 x 50, Serie V Melanio Double Toro 6 x 60, Serie V Melanio Torpedo 6 1/2 x 52, Serie V Melanio Figurado 6 1/2 x 52, and Serie V Melanio Petit Corona 4 1/2 x 46. You can purchase it from our cigar shop or order it online from Cuenca Cigars at the best prices. Don't wait, order now!

Cigar Aficionado 2018 - Robust and Rich Flavor - A great cigar!

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto is a highly regarded cigar that Cigar Aficionado ranked #8 in 2018. It has authentic flavors from Nicaraguan tobacco and uses aged Jalapa Valley ligero to enhance its taste, flavor, and aroma. The natural wrapper results in a full-bodied smoke with hints of black pepper, chocolate, and cream, making it an outstanding option for all cigar smokers and fans. The cigar has become the favorite cigars of many!


A FAQ Oliva serie V melanio natural

The key differences between Oliva Serie V and Melanio cigars lie in their components. Melanio cigar uses aged tobacco from Jalapa and an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, while Serie V cigar includes Nicaraguan tobacco and a Habano Sun Grown wrapper. Both Great Cigars, delivering a robust and rich flavor profile and flawless construction. The Melanio is hand rolled in a box press format while the Oliva Serie V is round!

To clarify the differences between Oliva Serie V Maduro and Melanio Maduro, the Serie V Maduro has a light double-ligero blend while the Melanio Maduro has an Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper and a medium-to light-full complex blend. It uses the same filler and binder as the regular Melanio Natural line. The Serie V Melanio Maduro cigar is created by combining Nicaraguan Sun Grown from the Jalapa region with a Mexican Maduro from the San Andres Valley. This particular blend is perfect for those who enjoy smoking Maduro more fuller cigars.

Oliva Melanio cigars are Nicaraguan Handmade cigars that have a bittersweet taste and flavors of dark chocolate, pepper, and cedar. You can also taste a light hint of zest with each puff. The smoke produced is smooth and the aroma is pleasant. It usually takes one to two minutes for the foot of the cigar to ignite fully. The cigars have different strengths depending on the wrapper used.

Oliva Cigars has received high ratings from reputable cigar publications like Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Journal, and Cigar Snob.

They have received some of a cigar's highest ratings over the years best cigar ever. One particularly important best cigar rating was when Cigar Aficionado gave the original Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado a 96-point rating in 2014 and named best cigar and it the '#1 Cigar of the Year'.

Oliva Cigar Co. ranked 8th in 2016 with a rating of 94 for their Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto Natural. They now offer a Robusto cigar which is smaller in shape and easier to enjoy smoking than their larger double figurado option offering still the same robust and rich flavor. The blend contains a Sumatra seed wrapper grown from Ecuador and Nicaraguan tobacco, a rare and ideal combination for oliva brand of premium cigars. This makes it a great choice for everyday smoking.

Rated 91 Cigar Aficionado: Apr 01, 2022
Rated 94 Cigar Aficionado: Jan 01, 2017
Rated 94 Cigar Aficionado: Aug 01, 2016
Rated 90 Cigar Aficionado: Jun 01, 2013

The Oliva Serie V Melanio is a unique cigar, but other cigars offer similar flavor profiles. A few popular options on the Cigar Industry, include the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill, the Camacho Corojo Figurado, and my favorite cigar the Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Exclusivo. Each of these cigars offers its own unique blend of flavor and complexity, making them ideal alternatives for those smokers looking to try something similar to the Oliva Serie V Melanio. All three cigars have a medium-to-full body strength and feature an array of flavors, including notes of cocoa, espresso, cedar, leather, smoke and nuts. When it comes to construction and draw quality.