Partagas Black Label


Are you prepared for a full-bodied Maduro cigar journey that will have you craving more? Unearth the distinct and extraordinary taste of Partagas Black Label Cigars, crafted with the highest quality Dominican Republic binder, and Cuban-seed Piloto Cubano ligero fillers from Nicaragua. Encased in a dark and appealing USA Connecticut Broadleaf medio tiempo wrapper. In this riveting exploration, we’ll delve into what sets these cigars apart, from their dark and glossy medio tiempo sun-grown wrapper to their impeccable construction and smooth draw. So, strap in and prepare to delve into the world of Partagas Black Label!

The Partagas Black Label smoke, a true "new age" creation by Partagas, were meticulously crafted during the dawn of the full-bodied era. In response to a generation of passionate smokers yearning for intense strength, Benji Menendez and his team created this exceptional blend in the Dominican Republic. With a visually striking appearance, the Partagas Black smoke boasts a potent combination of ligero fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It is masterfully bound with a robust Dominican leaf and enveloped in a remarkably dark Medio Tiempo Connecticut broadleaf oscuro leaf, which undergoes approximately 50% more aging. Experience the embodiment of confidence, knowledge, and persuasion in every puff.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience an unforgettable smoking cigar experience with General Cigar’s Partagas Black Label, perfect for cigar enthusiasts seeking an smoke with bold flavors and perfect draw!

  • Get ready to enjoy a mesmerizing appearance, superior smoking experience and flavors with La Vega Especial binder, Medio Tiempo sun-grown wrapper & Nicaraguan/Cuban seed ligero fillers! not a kind of stick for a newbie.

  • Enjoy unbeatable pleasure and great value for money with these full-bodied cigars boasting distinct notes & remarkable real-world performance!

Introducing Partagas Black Label Cigars

partagas black label

Partagas Black Label Cigars are an absolutely full-bodied Maduro stick, offering a powerful blend of Domincan Republic tobaccos and Cuban-seed ligero fillers. With their robust blend of deliciously oily medio tiempo sun-grown wrappers and large rings, these cigars boast a unique and distinct taste profile that’s truly hard to come by.

Crafted by the renowned General Cigar, these handmade Dominican Republic cigars feature:

  • A robust mix of ligero fillers from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, featuring tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Piloto Cubano sourced from the Volcanic Nicaragua Soil.

  • A hearty Dominican leaf binder.

  • A Connecticut broadleaf oscuro wrapper, Medio Tiempo, has a dark chocolate hue.

The result is a very bold and unforgettable smoking experience, thanks to their robust blend and the contact of unique flavors and draw. Earning a global star rating of 4.4 stars in the cigar universe.

But who are these bold-flavored cigars made for? Partagas Black Label brand cater to those who excitedly enjoy a stick with a full-bodied smoking experience with tons of flavors and perfect draw, making them a popular blend among general cigar enthusiasts.

The target audience for Partagas Black Label Cigars consists of smokers who appreciate a smooth and full-bodied smoking experience with character. With their dark Maduro and attractive appearance, hints of earth, creamy and smooth smoke, and renowned quality, these cigars are sure to delight cigar enthusiasts.

Partagas Black Label Cigars are designed with larger ring gauges, specifically to meet the tastes of their target audience. Regardless of your personal preferences, these robust, full-bodied cigars are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Preparing Your Partagas Black Label

Before you can enjoy the rich flavors of your Partagas Black Label blend, it's essential to cut it correctly. The best tool for this job is a guillotine cutter. This single-blade cutter is specifically designed to cleanly and smoothly slice off the cap of the cigar. By doing this, you ensure a smooth and deep smoke and a perfect draw for your enjoyment.

To light your Partagas Black Label Cigar, follow these steps:

  1. Position the cut head in your mouth and angle a flame beneath the foot.

  2. Draw on the stogie to ignite the tobacco evenly. The smoke tens to be unique and smooth.

  3. For the best results, it’s highly recommended to use a lighter designed specifically for cigars, with butane fuel and a flame or multiple flames.

  4. Make time to relax and enjoy this full bodied cigar.

Adhering to these guidelines will allow you to fully relish your full-bodied cigar blend, guaranteeing a memorable smoking experience.

The aesthetics of Partagas Black Label Maduro are truly captivating, starting with their incredibly well dark chocolate, and attractive wrapper. The handmade Medio Tiempo sun-grown wrapper is not only dark chocolate not only gorgeous but also unbelievably oily, thanks to the Medio Tiempo Connecticut broadleaf oscuro Maduro leaf used.

These rare medio tiempo leaves undergo around 50% more aging than most other harvested leaves, the result a Maduro finish. The term “medio tiempo” refers to the top two leaves of a tobacco plant, which are considered part of the ligero leaves and are known for their concentrated oils and strength. This results in a beautifully dark and oily wrapper that adds to the cigar’s overall body and deep aromatic allure.

Material Quality and Durability

The flawless construction and effortless draw of Partagas Black Label Cigars are well-known. These cigars, due to their excellent construction and gentle draw, offer a superior smoking experience.

The binder in Partagas Black Label Cigars is made from tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic, specifically from La Vega Especial. This binder contributes a deep, rich flavor to the cigars. The handmade medio tiempo sun-grown wrapper infuses the cigars with a deep, rich aroma, making their taste truly stand out. The wrapper is crafted from Medio Tiempo Havana-Seed leaf, which is sun-grown to perfection to ensure an ideal blend of quality and flavor.

The cigar’s construction and durability are enhanced by the Nicaraguan and Cuban-seed ligero fillers, which add strength and body to the blend. The Nicaraguan ligero adds body and a bold and robust flavor profile, while the Cuban-seed ligero adds complexity and depth. These fillers are known for their deep, rich, aromatic and flavorful characteristics, making the cigar more enjoyable and long-lasting.

Flavor Profile Analysis

The flavor profile of Partagas Black Label Cigars is bold and sweet, offering a truly unique and distinct full-bodied cigar experience. Partagas Black Label Cigars are available in various sizes such as:

  • Gordo

  • Pyramid

  • Robusto

  • Toro

  • Magnifico

  • Gigante

  • Colossal

  • Maximo

  • Bravo

  • Pronto

Each size has its own specific flavor notes, ensuring there’s no room for error in your taste experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the taste.

The Gordo, for example, boasts herbal flavors, earth, smoke, dark chocolate, and pepper. The Pyramid offers sweetness, chocolate, coffee, and cocoa. The Robusto is rich in spice and leather. With such a diverse range of flavors, there’s a Partagas Black Label for every palate.

As the stogie burns, the flavor profile evolves, starting with woody notes of smoke and mild pepper, and developing into a rich and complex profile of spicy flavors like pepper and sage. The burn is smooth and generally good, and the flavor remains consistent throughout the smoking experience.

Real-World Performance

When it comes to real-world performance, Partagas Black Label sizes showcase their excellence through their average burn time, burn consistency, and minimal draw resistance. A Partagas Black Label Cigar, with an average burn time of approximately 73 minutes, promises a lengthy and enjoyable smoking experience.

Partagas Black Label Cigars are reputed to have excellent burn consistency, characterized by an even burn and consistent performance throughout the smoking process. Factors such as the blend of the brand of cigar, the quality of the construction, and the way it is lit can affect the cigar' burn time and consistency of smoke.

In practical use, Partagas Black Label Cigars exhibit minimal draw resistance or just a hint of it. Smokers have described the draw as perfect and gentle, enhancing the overall enjoyment of these exceptional cigars.

Value for Money

Partagas Black Label, with their average retail price ranging from $10.39 to $207.80 based on size and quantity, present superb value for money. These smokes are priced reasonably and are considered better than other premium brands.

For those looking for discounted prices on cigars, a website like one of the following could be helpful:

  • Best Cigar Prices

  • Smokers Discounts

  • Cigars Direct

  • Cigar King

  • Cuenca Cigars

Cuenca Cigars provides opportunities for customers to buy Partagas Black Label in large quantities at discounted rates. By exploring their website and leveraging ongoing deals, you can indulge in these extraordinary brands of cigars at a more budget-friendly price.

The robust and zesty taste profile, flawless construction, and effortless draw of Partagas Black Label make every penny spent worthwhile, offering an incomparable smoking experience with a touch of pepper, that is truly unbeatable.

Comparisons and Alternatives

While Partagas Black Label stand out for their unique and robust blend and bold flavor, there are alternative options for those with different taste preferences. One such option is the Classic blend, offering a milder smoking experience for those who prefer a less intense taste profile.

Partagas Black Label cigars stand out with their meticulously handcrafted construction, employing 100% long-filler tobaccos. The binder consists of luxurious Dominican Republic and Nicaragua blends, while the filler boasts a tantalizing Ligero Piloto Cubano tobacco from Nicaragua. To complete the experience, a dark, aromatic, and oily wrapper made of USA Connecticut Broadleaf lends a perfect finish touch of pepper. These cigars excel with their full-bodied and invigorating flavor profile, truly setting them apart from the competition.

Ultimately, the best choice for preferences and budget will depend on the individual’s tastes and budget. Some factors to consider when choosing a cigar include:

  • Flavor profile: Partagas Black Label offer a robust and zesty flavor profile that sets them apart from other cigar options.

  • Strength: Partagas Black Label may not be the best choice for those looking for milder smoke.

  • Price: Consider your budget and choose a cigar that fits within your price range.


In conclusion, Partagas Black Label offer a unique and distinct full-bodied cigar experience, thanks to their bold flavor profile, flawless construction, and effortless draw. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar enthusiast or new to the world of premium smokes, Partagas Black Label are sure to leave a lasting impression that will keep you coming back for more.