Buy My Father Cigars Online At Discount Prices and Save Big

Buy My Father Cigars Online At Discount Prices and Save Big

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Feb 21, 2023


My Father Cigars proudly oversees its own distribution, with a center conveniently located in Miami Florida. From there, their premium cigars are quickly and reliably shipped throughout the U.S., making Cuenca Cigars an ideal choice for anyone seeking quality products delivered promptly to their door.

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For an unforgettable smoking experience, look no further than My Father Cigars! Crafted inside the factories of Esteli Nicaragua with a traditional Cuban flair, these smokes have become renowned for their bold and spicy flavors. Each cigar is carefully finished off with Pepin Garcia’s patented triple cap seal that ensures superior construction. If you are seeking out robust yet flavorful cigars with unbeatable quality then get your hands on some My Father cigars online at Cuenca Cigars shop now!


When the Garcia family made their move to the United States, Don Jose Pepin Garcia had already earned a notorious reputation in cigar-making circles as El Rey de los Habanos - The King of Cuban Cigars. His success prompted him to name his first American business after this title; while few in America, knew who he was at that time, it wasn't long before everyone else caught on too!

Establishing the family business as a cigar factory in Little Habana, Miami was the beginning of an exciting journey for them. Everyone from the family worked tirelessly rolling cigars and it was always such a pleasure to visit. As soon as we arrived, one of our loving aunties would rush into the kitchen with zeal and prepare us all some awesome Cuban-style coffee that never failed to entice us!

I had the extraordinary experience of engaging in a face-to-face conversation with Janny Garcia, Jaime Garcia, and Don Pepin himself while puffing away on some exquisite Don Pepin Cuban Classic Robustos. The atmosphere at their small cigar factory was incredibly festive - it truly felt like home! Even now, many years later, that feeling remains unchanged.


My initiation into making cigars began with a Cuban Classic, and I would alternate between that one in the morning and a Vegas Cubanas at night. During the weekends, however, I opted for an even more intense flavor profile- The Don Pepin Blue Invictos.


It was not until Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars encountered Don Pepin that the cigar world and aficionados began to take note. As a result, Pepin Garcia's reputation in the cigar market skyrocketed and enthusiasts anxiously sought out his blends.

My flavor profile for Pepin Garcia Original Invictos was on point - Cigar Aficionado even awarded it a 92 rating in 2013! I guess I must be doing something right. Hahaha.

92-Points Don Pepin Garcia Original Invictos

The Don Pepin Garcia Invictos cigar, handmade in Nicaragua, is a medium-bodied beauty that packs a delightful punch. Its Colorado Maduro wrapper features an earthy and savory red hue while the smoke offers notes of cedar, chocolate, espresso, spice, and leather. This Nicaraguan puro not only captures the hearts of traditional aficionados but also appeals to modern smokers alike as well.

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979 is a magnificent smoke that made its way to the Top 25 Cigars of 2007, attaining an impressive rating of 92. So if you're looking for more than just an enjoyable smoking experience - one with distinction even - don't look any further!

Master roller Don Pepin Garcia has outdone himself yet again with the exquisite Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic. Handcrafted in his own factories, this top-grade smoke is sure to tantalize even the most discerning of palates. Produced at his two Estelí, Nicaragua operations and backed by a long line of successes, this classic product will have you begging for more after just one puff!

Experience the exquisite Cuban Classic cigar and its unique Cubanesque flavor profile.

Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 2001

The Cuban Classic cigar line has been named after special birth years in the Garcia family, but my favorite is 1979. This Robusto size (5 inches by 50 ring) was created to honor Janny's birthday, who works alongside her own father, Pepin. It boasts an innovative flavor profile of woody and leather notes with a hint of toasted almonds that lingers on your taste buds for some time! Plus, it houses a rich medium-to-full-bodied smoke throughout its extended finish - truly exemplifying why we continue to be awed by Pepin Garcia’s craftsmanship every day!

Vegas Cubanas by My Father Cigars

Vegas Cubanas were for a while Limited Production cigars. José Pepin Garcia first created Vegas Cubanas in 2003 while producing cigars at El Rey de Los Habanos factory located in Miami's Little Havana. Back then, it was a small endeavor, however as the company began to expand to Nicaragua and release award-winning cigars My Father Le Bijou 1922 (Cigar of the Year 2015) and Flor de Las Antillas (Cigar of the Year 2012), its popularity skyrocketed - leaving interest for Vegas Cubanas behind.

Although the brand was never completely discontinued, it was manufactured in limited amounts for exclusive merchants and distributors. Fortunately, My Father Cigars has brought back this line to full-time production at their sprawling factory located in Estelí, Nicaragua.

From my perspective, this cigar is one of Jose Pepin Garcia's finest creations. It has the distinctive taste profile of a Cuban Blend with an array of flavors that are not too intense or overpowering. Cigar Aficionado awarded the Vegas Cubanas Generosos with a 90-point rating in April of 2009, an honor that showcases its remarkable quality.


Flor de las Antillas Cigars

Flor de las Antillas is a second-generation creation of Pepin Garcia Cigars, now part of My Father's Cigars. Cuban culture typically believes that "Second Parts are never good," however this assumption can be disproven with the success of My Father's cigars which has taken over El Rey de los Habanos' prior line and incorporated an expansive portfolio under their umbrella. Undeniably, this cigar has played a considerable role in this achievement.

Drawing inspiration from the largest of the Antilles Islands, they christened their brand Cuba. The Toro size is particularly noteworthy with its voluptuous box press and attractive uniform wrapper hue.

From the moment you light up, these classic 96-point smokes on the 100-point scale treat your palate to a delightful combination of nutmeg and white pepper with just perfect intensity. The Garcias' labors have paid off since they arrived in the United States—their cigars having received multiple placements in Cigar afiCionado's Top 25 list—but this time marks their inaugural achievement as Cigar of the Year! It's no wonder why it is so hard to put down one of these exquisite treats.

My Father's Cigars, renowned for their excellent cigars, have a traditional signature style of making full-bodied cigars, strong and peppery. However, this cigar was the first cigar to offer something different - a medium-bodied smoke that opened up their products to an even larger group of connoisseurs. Deliciously smooth yet full-flavored, this is truly one cigar not to be missed!


Vega Cubanas by My Father Cigars

In addition to Cigar Aficionados' ratings, other esteemed cigar authorities such as Cigar Snob and Cigar Journal have all provided the highest rating for My Father Cigars naming Pepin one of the america's hottest cigar maker. Ultimately, however, the most important evaluation of a cigar store or online retailer comes from its own customers; thankfully this is where My Father cigars excel in spades! Each blend he's crafted has been internationally praised by legions of loyal fans that continue to keep coming back time after time.


My Father's Cigars are amazing cigars that are handmade with care and love. A blend that is put together following a dream, hard work, and perseverance will always prevail.

Crafting a cigar requires meticulous attention to detail and true passion; it is the outcome of an individual's efforts, dedication, and unwavering determination. The blend created by My Father Cigars is from such ambition and will never fail to amaze you!

Furthermore, the Garcia family manufactures a plethora of successful labels for their customers. Tatuaje and L'Atelier cigars for Tatuaje Cigars as well as San Cristobal and La Aroma de Cuba for Ashton Cigars.

It all began in 2003 with Jose Pepin Garcia Original (or "Blue Label") which has been modified through time after being made at the small factory inside the My Father Cigars warehouse located in Doral, Florida. This day, they persist in their commitment to manufacturing great cigars.

Who makes My Father Cigars?

Don Jose Pepin Garcia and Son Jaime Garcia are the makers of well worth it My Father Cigars. Located in Esteli Nicaragua they grow tobacco, blend, manufacture and distriibute every handmade cigar.

My Father's cigars are renowned for their fame, affordability, and excellent quality. The Le Bijou 1922 collection is no exception - it made Jose Pepin Garcia a noteworthy figure in the cigar industry. Not only does this range provide smokers with superb flavor but also an affordable price point that appeals to any fan of premium tobacco products.

From his iconic Don Pepin Garcia brand to the best-rated My Father blend in 2008, Jaime Garcia was primed and ready to take his company into new realms. In 2009, he released a line of cigars that paid homage to him with its unique flavor and taste profile - this included La Duena—Janny’s masterpiece—and other popular varieties like My Father La Gran Oferta, My Father La Opulencia, My Father La Promesa, and My Father Connecticut. Each cigar is nothing short of amazing; truly great smokes!

My Father Cigars has established itself as a formidable leader, One-of-a-kind cigar maker in the cigar industry!

Ready to indulge in the excellence of My Father cigars? We invite you to explore our full selection and sample a few. Moreover, we also offer single cigar sales online so that you can try various blends of these extraordinary stogies with ease!

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