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If you are looking for an exquisite and unique easily accessible cigar, My Father Cigars is a perfect choice. Crafted with dedication and care by tobacco expert Don Pepin Garcia, these cigars come with a rich history that can be traced back to Little Havana in Miami, Florida. Born in El Rey de Los Habanos, the cigar factory was opened under Don Pepin's family ownership in 2003 and he was already renowned for being a master roller in Havana. his expertise quickly caught the eye of Pete Johnson from Tatuaje Cigars. From then on, the reputation of this premium handmade brand has only grown - smooth and rich with flavor complexity few can match.

My Father Blend Trademark

Now you can experience the trademark richness and complexity of Don Pepin's creations without ever having to leave your home! Buy Premium Handmade My Father Cigars Online offers singles and boxes for any occasion. Available at a competitive price point, it's never been easier to add to your collection or give an unforgettable gift to someone special while discovering new favorites as you explore this company with incredible range. For a truly luxurious smoking experience that comes with an enthralling backstory, choose My Father Cigars – you won't regret it!

The Tale of My Father Cigars

Experience the familial history and traditions of Cuba by indulging in the history behind my father's cigars. These traditional handmade cigars are crafted with generations of knowledge and skill flowing through their veins. Don Pepin Garcia was born in 1950, surrounded by an enriching tradition of cigar-making culture, and his son has since continued to refine his craft even after leaving Cuba for Miami in 2003. Today, the rest of the Garcia family has joined him in pursuit of crafting the best ultra-premium cigar blends available.

My Father Cigars has since become a top choice among aficionados far and wide. Cigar Aficionado Magazine has recognized this mastery with several 90+ ratings, making these cigars some of the most acclaimed around. With exquisite flavor profiles such as a sweet and spicy mix of core Nicaraguan tobaccos for their My Father Original line, or a more full-bodied earthy taste from the My Fathers Le Bijou 1922 line, you'll surely find something to ignite your senses each time you light one up!

Great Cigars - My Father Cigars

Join on an enthralling journey each time you take out a My Father Cigar. The rich pedigree behind every stick will be sure to please connoisseurs everywhere—allowing you to relax and experience the Cuban legacy through smoked tobacco like never before.

My Father
Experience the luxury of a true work of art with My Father Cigars. Hand-crafted and made with high-quality Nicaraguan fillers, these cigars offer both a rich flavor and an incredible aroma that can take your smoking experience to another level. Each one has been expertly rolled with care, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoke that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. My Father's Cigars come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including Robusto, Toro, Churchill, Torpedo, Lonsdale, and Pyramid. With the perfect combination of strength and flavor, it's no wonder that My Father Cigars have become some of the world's acclaimed handmade cigars. Get yours today for an unforgettable smoking experience!
My Father Connecticut
Introducing my father Connecticut – the perfect addition to an already outstanding line of cigars. For years now, My Father has been known and celebrated for providing the strongest of smokes that really pack a punch. But we know everyone needs something different from time to time – which is why our new release adds a milder flavor profile to the mix. This smoke is perfect for warming up any lazy afternoon or kickstarting special occasions, allowing you to fully relax and savor every second. An amazing blend of skillfully-selected tobacco provides a mellow aroma with creamy flavors and sweet nuances in its complex flavor, making these cigars ideal for experienced connoisseurs and beginners alike. The construction of My Father Connecticut goes without saying; carrying on the same world-renowned craftsmanship we have always stood by with all our offerings. With their elegant shape to top it off, these cigars are undoubtedly the ideal pairing for such moments of indulgence – so don't miss out on giving them a go! Place your order now and experience what makes My Father Connecticut so special.
Don Pepin Original
If you're looking for a classic Cuban-style smoking experience, My Father Don Pepin Original Blue is the cigar for you. This legendary stick was created by world-renowned Cuban cigar maker Jose “Don Pepin” Garcia and has achieved widespread legendary status ever since it first appeared on the scene. My Father Don Pepin Original Blue is crafted using traditional Cuban methods. The filler is a special blend of three unique Nicaraguan tobaccos, including one from Condega which contributes to its full flavor profile. The binder leaf is made up of two Nicaraguan Habano leaves and the wrapper is an Ecuadorian Corojo grown in Esteli, Nicaragua. This combination brings together rich notes of cedar, leather, woodiness, and spice combined with a smooth finish that's always satisfying. It's no surprise why My Father Don Pepin Original Blue has been garnering awards since they were first released - they truly embody the best of Cuban craftsmanship and quality. Whether you're a long-time aficionado or just getting into cigars, this exceptional stick is sure to please your taste buds with each smoke. Get your hands on one today and enjoy the age-old tradition of smoking Cuba's finest!
Cuban Classic
Get ready to experience the finest Nicaraguan cigars! My Father Don Pepin Cuban Classic cigars deliver an aromatic smoke that will please the most discerning cigar enthusiasts. Crafted with careful attention to detail, these handmade cigars are carefully curated and rolled by experienced artisans in Nicaragua. Each cigar offers a unique taste and aroma, making it an enjoyable sensory experience. The luxurious flavor of this high-quality blend of Nicaraguan tobacco provides an unmistakable aroma that is sure to leave you feeling delighted after you take your final puff. This exquisite creation can be yours today; simply order your favorite My Father Don Pepin Cuban Classic cigar and get ready for an unforgettable smoking experience!
Series JJ
Experience the legendary craftsmanship and flavor of my father's Don Pepin JJ! Originally produced by the master blender Don Pepin Garcia for his children Jaime and Jeny, these handmade Nicaraguan cigars are renowned for their Cubanesque style that only an expert like Don Pepin can produce. The unique blend producing a medium to full-bodied smoke with varied notes of earth, wood, and sweetness will take your cigar enjoyment to the next level! Each wrapper corresponds with its individual blend to bring you a unique flavor profile. Initially crafted in a Small cigar factory in Miami. Making them even more special, each cigar is artfully rolled, and carefully crafted by hand in honor of Mr. Garcia's legacy, maintaining excellent attention to detail across all formats of "JJ". Enjoying this experience is one smoking journey you'll never forget - so don't wait any longer and get your order placed today!
El Centurion
Introducing my father el Centurion, a luxurious smoking experience that is sure to delight any cigar aficionado. As you draw in the rich tobacco, you will experience its full-bodied flavor and unparalleled smoothness. Created with care, this premium cigar is handmade using well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and Santi Spirits tobacco leaf grown in Nicaraguan 1st generation Cuban seed tobaccos. Its intricate flavor and robust aromas are sure to satisfy every taste. So why not order a box of El Centurion today and treat yourself to an unforgettable smoking experience? With its incomparable quality you won't be disappointed!
Fonseca Cigars
Welcome cigar aficionados! It is our absolute pleasure to tell you about My Father Fonseca, made by famed premium cigar makers My Father Cigars. A savory addition to the beloved brand's portfolio, My Father Fonseca cigars have been crafted with the most demanding connoisseur in mind. Handmade down to the last detail, these cigars are sure to delight even the most discerning palate. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with a luxurious journey through flavor they won't soon forget! Whether you're looking for an everyday go-to smoke or just something special to savor on occasion, My Father Fonseca will tantalize your senses and leave you wanting more. Place your cigar order today – it's time to experience what made premium truly mean!
Flor de las antillas Natural
Welcome to my father Flor de las Antillas natural, Cigar Aficionado's 2012 Best Cigar of the Year. This cigar stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship and quality of construction. Whether you're a seasoned cigar enthusiast or a beginner, this is a great choice for those true premium handmade Nicaraguan cigars. Discover its unique blend of blue tobaccos that are grown in the rich volcanic soil near Estelí and Jalapa valleys. If you're looking for an exceptional cigar smoking experience, look no further than my father Flor de las Antillas Natural! Described as one of the top Nicaraguan puros around, this longevity in flavor comes from its Sun Grown Habano Rosado wrapper that adds complexity to balance out each layer without overpowering the smoke itself. Order yours today and ignite your senses for this Best Cigar award winner!
Flor de las Antillas Maduro
An amazing smell, a high-quality draw and savory taste - experience it all with My Father Flor de la Antillas Maduro cigar! This century-old rendition of fantastic sticks is an absolute classic amongst some of the best cigars you can find. Perfect for when you want something truly special, this tobacco-based treasure will tantalize your senses. My Father Flor de la Antillas Maduro offers a unique, enchanting Maduro flavor that's sure to delight you each time you light up. Whether it's the smooth draw or slightly spiced flavors, this stick delivers it all in an unforgettable package. Take pleasure in a cigar unequaled by any other - order yours today! And don't forget to order a box - why not experience several sticks at once? Get the best price online when you place your order right here, now. You deserve a cigar that'll steep itself in rich history; let's make My Father Flor de la Antillas Maduro your go-to smoke.
Jaime Gracia Reserva Especial
My Father Jaime Garcia Reserva cigars are truly something special. Blended to perfection, the exquisite flavor and aroma of this cigar comes in an entirely different package than the other My Father creations. Rich and complex flavors of cocoa, roasted coffee and spices make Jaime Garcia Reserva a great experience that rivals some of the best cigars out there - on a budget! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and order your Jaime Garcia today! No matter how you choose to enjoy it, the unique flavor profile will draw you in - and keep your taste buds coming back for more. All while providing the same excellent construction quality as other My Father products. Deliciously balanced with excellent draw and luxurious burn too, Jaime Garcia Reserva is sure to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur. So don't delay. Grab your box of these treats today!
La Antiguedad
My Father La Antiguedad is the perfect choice for cigar connoisseurs who are looking for something special. This second release from the collaboration between My Father and Don Pepin Garcia is an exquisite blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, carefully chosen and expertly blended to create an unforgettable experience. With double-filler construction, these cigars have a complex flavor profile with notes of malty sweetness, earthiness, and spice. Enjoy a smooth draw that ends with a mellow finish - making for a truly remarkable cigar. With an initial spicy kick in the beginning, you'll be sure to savor every moment throughout your smoking experience. So don't wait - order My Father La Antiguedad today and enjoy one of the finest cigars around!
La Duena
Introducing My Father La Duena: an exquisite creation from the well-respected Garcia family. Blended by cigar master Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars, this medium to full-bodied cigar is sure to provide a memorable and satisfying smoking experience for any connoisseur of fine cigars. An artfully crafted blend of premium tobaccos from some of the most celebrated farms in the world ensures that each puff on this special creation is an experience like no other. From the initial light up, you'll be greeted by a complexity of flavor that is truly remarkable - creamy, yet confidently bold, with just enough sweetness to make it truly unforgettable. The passion and drive behind My Father La Duena stands out with each exquisite smoke. Master Blender Janny Garcia's years of honed expertise have earned her rightful place among top cigar makers; she has crafted something unparalleled here in honor of her father, Don Pepin - a fitting tribute to one of the greatest visionaries in the world of tobacco. In short, every passionate smoker simply must try My Father La Duena! Voted #1 by top industry reviewers as well as casual enthusiasts alike, why wait? Satisfy your craving today - order now!
La Gran Oferta
Discover the unique beauty of La Gran Oferta cigars. These handmade cigars are crafted with the utmost care and skill at the renowned My Father Cigars Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Each cigar features a flavorful blend of tobaccos grown in Nicaragua and wrapped with an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado for a truly exquisite smoking experience. The blend of complex spices provides an interesting combination that will have you craving more. La Gran Oferta offers an incredibly smooth and balanced flavor that has satisfying notes of cedar, cream, sweet spice, and pepper. Each cigar finishes with a hint of spice and creamy sweetness that lingers on your tongue for hours after you've finished smoking. Whether you're a novice or an expert cigar smoker, these beautiful handmade cigars will add something special to your smoking rotation. Grab one—or perhaps a bundle—of La Gran Oferta Premium Handmade cigars today and discover why these exquisite masterpieces have become so popular with cigar aficionados everywhere! With their superior construction and superior flavors, these timeless creations are sure to make any smoker happy!
La Opulencia
Experience the luxurious taste of My Father La Gran Opulencia. This incredible cigar offers a tantalizing experience like no other, enthralling you with its amazing blend and impeccable quality. Rated 95 points by Cigar Aficionado, it was awarded the No. 2 Cigar of the Year -- an impressive accomplishment! my father La Opulencia, is not for beginners; it's geared toward more experienced smokers who can truly appreciate its unique flavor. If you want to take your cigar experience to the next level, order My Father La Gran Opulencia today and dive into an unforgettable journey tailored for connoisseurs. Grab some My father cigars online, seat back and relax!
La Promesa
Introducing La Promesa, a cigar for all occasions! This premium smoke is brought to you by Don Pepin, who developed this product with personal love as an homage to his family. Experience a full-bodied, high-end smoke that is sure to please your palette. The quality of the experience all comes down to where it is made; Esteli Nicaragua where Garcia's Farm is located. Enjoy top-notch Fillers grown right there in their very own fields. Ignite these cigars at any get-together and watch your friends smile appreciatively at the smooth taste and fragrant smell that they will experience while lighted. La Promesa is officially the smoke of entertainers everywhere! Step up your evening routine with this premium product that will truly delight your senses with superior flavor and aroma. Impress your friends with its distinct flavor unmatched by any other rival products on the market. Give it a try today, and spread snippets of satisfaction around you for memorable moments every time! Place an order now for yours and see what makes this one so special!
My Father Le Bijou
Introducing My Father Le Bijou! This ultra-premium, rolling cigars represent the hallmark of quality and sophistication. Made from Cuban-seed wrappers harvested in Ecuador, these exquisite cigars are sure to delight even the most discerning smokers. My Father Le Bijou cigars boast a rich and full flavor that is well-aged to perfection. Enjoy every puff of this extraordinary smoke, enhanced with cool and creamy undertones and aromas that linger long after you exhale. With impressive construction, these beauties are as robust as they are satisfying. And because they arrive ready to smoke – no aging or humidification necessary–you get to enjoy them right away. For those who demand excellence in cigar smoking, My Father Le Bijou has it all: great taste, top-notch construction, creativity, and attention to detail. So don't wait any longer: treat yourself today to an amazing experience with My Father Le Bijou!
My Father The Judge
Introducing My Father The Judge, the Handmade Nicaraguan Favorite smoke that so many cigar aficionados simply can't get enough of. With its flawless Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and rich flavor profile, this is truly a cigar like no other. My Father The Judge offers an unique smoking experience, with each puff giving off notes of wood and earth with hints of spice and leather. Whether you're a long-time connoisseur or new to the world of cigars, you'll appreciate the robust flavors and smooth draw that this cigar provides. Plus, it stands out from others in its class with its attractive wrapper design featuring a dark reddish-brown hue that immediately catches your eye. When it comes to quality products crafted from superior materials, you won't find much better than My Father The Judge. Don't wait – order yours today for a truly one-of-a-kind smoking experience!
Tabacos Baez
Cigar aficionados, take note: My Father Tabacos Baez are some of the oldest and most coveted cigars in the Don Pepin El Rey de los Habanos family. These cigars feature medium fillers that have been expertly crafted from only the highest quality tobaccos. An impressive aroma, a balanced flavor, and a smooth smoke make these hand-rolled cigars an absolute must-try for anyone who considers themselves a cigar connoisseur. With an abundance of rich characteristics and satisfying hints of sweetness, you can be sure these cigars will provide immense enjoyment with every draw. If you're looking for an exceptional smoking experience that comes complete with history, look no further than My Father Tabacos Baez! Order now to experience the flavorful bliss that comes from finishing off your day with one of these incredible sticks.
Vegas Cubanas
Experience a taste of classic Cuban flavor with My Father Cigars' Vegas Cubanas. An homage to the beloved Cohiba Cigars from days gone past, these exquisite smokes are now back - by popular demand! Filled with flavorful Cuban Blend and rolled in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, the Vegas Cubanas provide an earthy, yet smooth smoke that's sure to awaken your senses. Whether you're an experienced smoker or new to cigars, you'll enjoy this unique smoke from My Father Cigars. Get yours today and experience the history and vintage charm of Cuban-style cigar smoking at its finest!
Garcia y Garcia
Welcome to My Father Garcia y Garcia, an exclusive and luxurious cigar crafted from the best premium tobaccos grown on My Father Cigars Farms. With each delightful puff of smoke, indulge in a combination of aged tobaccos that create a flavor profile like no other. Experience a rich, sweet aroma with hints of nuttiness, creamy caramel, and earthy notes. This limited-edition cigar is perfect for an evening celebration or just sitting back and enjoying life's finer moments. Treat yourself to the unique flavors found only in this elegant cigar by ordering yours today!

My Father Cigars for Sale

My Father Cigars are widely regarded as some of the best cigars for the money! This premium, handmade Nicaraguan cigars offer a rich and flavorful experience that's unlike any other. With a variety of tobaccos from Central America and expertly crafted blending techniques, My Father Cigars provides an unbeatable smoking experience that's hard to find elsewhere.

Flor de las antillas - Best Cigar of the Year

Flor de las Antillas is one of the most sought-after cigars in the world and has earned itself the highly coveted title of Best Cigar of the Year. This unique cigar is produced by My Father Cigars, a renowned family-owned company based in Nicaragua that has been crafting premium cigars for over a decade.

The Flor de las Antillas line is made with a beautiful dark wrapper leaf, harvested exclusively from the fields of Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega in Nicaragua. The blend features all Nicaraguan tobaccos that are grown and fermented onsite to provide an uncompromised flavor profile. This carefully crafted cigar features Cuban-seed Criollo and Corojo fillers that are married together with an Olor Dominicano binder and finished off with a thick Sun Grown Maduro wrapper.

Aside from its exquisite flavor profile, this award winner has also been praised for its stunning appearance. The wrapper leaf displays deep hues of brown and red while showcasing some minor veins throughout its length. Additionally, each stick features My Father’s signature triple cap which adds to its overall beauty as well as ensures it remains tightly constructed during smoking time.

Cigar Aficionado - La Aroma de Cuba

La Aroma de Cuba Cigars, made by My Fathers Cigars for the Famous Ashton Cigar Company. These are some of the most esteemed cigars on the market. Crafted with a unique blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos and finished with an Ecuadorian Habano or Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, these cigars provide a truly luxurious smoking experience.

The La Aroma de Cuba line is produced at the My Father Cigar Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. This facility is run by renowned cigar legend Jose “Pepin” Garcia and produces some of the finest cigars in the world. Each box of La Aroma de Cuba cigars has been aged for a minimum of three months to ensure optimal flavor development. The selection of premium tobaccos used to craft these flavorful cigars provide a smooth and mellow smoke with notes of earth, cedar, nuts, cream, and leather.

Whether you’re an experienced smoker or just starting out on your cigar journey, La Aroma de Cuba will not disappoint. For those who appreciate quality handmade smokes that won’t break the bank – this brand should definitely be top on your list! With its exceptional flavors, impressive construction, and beautiful presentation – there’s no better way to enjoy time with friends than puffing on one of these excellent sticks!

Other brands of high-profile cigar blends handmade by My Father for other companies include Tatuaje Cigars, and San Cristobal Cigars, just to name a few award-winning cigars.

Where to shop Premium Handmade Cigars

Welcome to Cuenca Cigars – your first choice for premium, handmade cigars! We specialize in selling some of the best cigars around, including My Father Cigars. Founded in Miami back in 2002, this well-known brand is prized by cigar aficionados all over the world thanks to its wide selection that covers the full spectrum of cigar preferences. Whether you're looking for a milder Connecticut or something with a bit more oomph - like Flor de las Antillas, which Cigar Aficionado named their 2012 Cigar of the Year – striking your perfect smoke has never been easier. Our team of experts scouts out only the finest brands and most delicious flavors – always keeping an eye on industry trends as we go. From small batches to large orders, no request is too much for our knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Come be part of the family here at Cuenca Cigars!