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The Collection of Classic My Father Fonseca Cigars

Paying tribute to the timeless My Father Fonseca Cigar, a favorite among those who appreciate shade-grown tobacco.

Unique Fonseca Cigars

My Father proudly honors the classic, venerated Fonseca cigars from centuries ago with a Nicaraguan Puro tobacco blend. Enjoy mild and delectable smoke produced by this stunning cigar; its Corojo 99 wrapper provides delightful hints of rose to complete your experience!

Variety of Sizes & Counts

My Father has refreshed the classic Cuban-bred Fonseca brand with a stunning new range of cigars crafted by father and son stars Jose 'Pepin' Garcia and Jaime Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua. This selection is part of the award-winning My Father portfolio, introducing an intense yet balanced blend composed of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos dressed in a lush Corojo Rosado wrapper leaf. Get ready for this revitalized traditional line to create some serious buzz!

A delightful blend of coffee beans, leather, and cocoa intertwines to create a satisfying aroma. That's magnified further with Nicaraguan spices for an exquisite woody finish in several classic shapes. The new My Father Fonseca from the Garcia family exudes old-school charm with its unique flavor profile - get your hands on one today!

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Here is the Fonseca Line up.

  • Belicosos 5 ½ X 54 
  • Cedros 6 ¼ X 52
  • Cosacos 5 3/8 X 42
  • Petit Corona 4 ¼ X 40
  • Robustos 5 ¼ X 52
  • Toro Gordo 6 X 55
  • Tin of 5 Cosacos

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